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Communication has changed! The traditional rules for speaking and presenting, meeting coordination, influencing people, negotiating and selling ideas no longer apply in a world of skype, messenger, video and teleconference. This course will act as an overview on several concepts each of which could be a course of their own and our goal is to give you tools that you can practice and perfect on your own. By the end of this course, you will be able to: • Apply communication principles and techniques for in-person and virtual teams • Use a science based approach to create impactful presentations • Refine your communication style to better persuade and influence others • Run more effective and impactful meetings • Incorporate strategies to have positive difficult conversations and make people feel valued and listened to *** This course will require you to record yourself speaking. Therefore you must have a phone/computer with a functional camera and microphone.*** WHO SHOULD TAKE THIS COURSE? Anyone looking for professional and/or leadership development. This class mainly uses examples from the professional, business environment. If you are looking to advance at your current organization or to enhancing your personal value for potential employers this course is for you. WHAT MAKES THIS COURSE EFFECTIVE? Many educational experiences describe and explain, but in this course we will apply and demonstrate. We teach practical and proven concepts, show you how to apply them and give you opportunities to practice them in a safe and supportive environment. This course is full of opportunities to put the ideas presented into practice and test their effectiveness for yourself. WHY SHOULD YOU TAKE THIS COURSE? We will challenge the preconceived ideas about what it means to be part of a virtual team, and support you to be a dynamic team contributor no matter where you work. In this course you can expect to be both energized and uncomfortable – like in most experiences that result in positive growth and change! This course is offered through the University of Toronto School of Continuing Studies (




I love this course. It's broken down to simple bits which makes it easy to understand. I didn't like the polls that pop up in the videos but that's just a small thing compared to the value I received.



Communication Strategies transformation is going to be the backbone of all organizations and the pandemic has simply accelerated this shift. This is a MUST course for everyone. 5Star's for this... :)


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by Roshan A


absolutely loved this. Being a workshop conductor myself the learnings were immense and more than that the stories kept one riveted. here are strategies that are well thought out and very applicable in the world.

by Ayu C W


This is a fantastic course! There are so many tips an trick how to communicate well with our team and audiences especially for this virtual ages. Thank you Mr. Ivan Wanis Ruiz and all the team for the knowledge.

by Patrick I G


I really enjoyed this course. The stuff you will learn could be very useful in today's setup where almost everyone is working from home. I highly recommend this course. Kudos to Mr. Ruiz for such great material.

by Alberto A N


Very good course and when it comes to this new COVID-Normality, this kind of skills make a hugh impact in the teams. i.e. All the meetings I have with my virtual team are now better, and we're a Engineering team

by Stavros K


Great experience especially in the current climate where virtual meetings are the norm for the foreseeable future. I learned some essential skills to run more effective meetings and presentations in this course.

by Krišjānis O


Best course I have done so far! Every single sentence was pure wisdom, I could see that author really cared about us as students and loved the mini pop-up questions in every video to refresh memory. Thank you!

by Desanka M


Very interesting methods to improve your communication both virtually and face to face. Video lessons are high quality and very interesting. I really enjoyed taking this course and I recommend it for everyone.

by George K


An amazing course. The lecturer is very good at transmitting ideas and tools on how to communicate and how to present. I would definitely recommend this course to anyone who wants to upgrade their soft skills!

by Keshia C


I would highly recommend to take this course. I learnt so much about improving the way I communicate both verbally and virtually. The professor's lectures were very interactive and simplified. He was awesome!

by Anum A M


This course helps me to learn the communication strategies by sir Ivan Wanis Ruiz an expert in teaching and fantastic knowledge. I feel this course must and should be done by every professional in the world.

by Baseer S


This was a great learning experience. I love the energy and humor of the instructor and the activities were fun too. This course got me looking more in depth about various concepts that I normally wouldn't.

by Vidushi A


It is a very interactive course and has video and reading material structured really crisply. You will unlearn to learn new things which will be handy for future communication. A must-do course for 2020!!!

by Julie B


A relevant course for its time. Ivan is an engaging instructor making the material more interesting and enjoyable. I am sure to carry on many of these skills with me in my personal and professional lives.

by Cheila F N B


Great course, it helped a lot to apply new techniques in presentations. At the end participants have to create their own video and PPT, which is a good exercise to apply what I learned. Highly recommend!

by Evan O


This course is engaging. Ivan taught me a lot of ways to express myself in virtual and real life circumstances. These are practical things that you will learn only here! Thank you for this opportunity.

by Duisenova N


The course was very instructive and interesting for me. Maybe that's why I couldn't stay away from the task and I did all the tasks in the shortest time possible. The practical advice was very helpful.

by Anna O


I think this is one of the best, if not the best, courses on Coursera! You really see that Mr Ruiz, who run the course, knows what he's talking about. The course is very interesting and engaging.

by Marharyta V


That was my best course not only in Communications but on Coursera as well!!! I passed it for 4 evenings and enjoyed every bit of it. Very valuable and practical information. No boring theories.

by Douglas L S


Ivan teaching increased my knowledge and confidence in both a professional and personal level. He provided insights and wisdom for the challenging times we live. I highly recommend this course!

by Ma K L d C


It was a great course! I did enjoy the lectures and found myself constantly engaged with the topics. I will surely be able to use the lessons I learned from here in the workplace/virtual space.

by Daniela V


I loved the course because it helped me realize many traps that I fall into when I try to make presentations. It also gave me amazing skills to practice in my daily life. Thank you so muuuuch!

by Abrar A S


Short videos, interesting assignments, right to the point content, day-to-day connectable content. Will not have to wait to graduate to see how I can apply the skills that I have learnt here.

by Firdaus N A B R


A very interesting and helpful course! Great content and makes me want to learn in detail on ways to communicate, which can be applied not only virtually, but on a face to face level as well.

by Nikkei V


Thank you so much for offering this course and for having such competent instructor. I've learned a lot especially when it comes to communicating with others and public speaking. More power!

by Sebastiaan K


Great course, very pratical, chrystal clear goals and explanations. The course has certainly improved my communication and people skills, both virtual as irl. I would recommend it to anyone.