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Google Cloud による Modernizing Data Lakes and Data Warehouses with Google Cloud の受講者のレビューおよびフィードバック



The two key components of any data pipeline are data lakes and warehouses. This course highlights use-cases for each type of storage and dives into the available data lake and warehouse solutions on Google Cloud in technical detail. Also, this course describes the role of a data engineer, the benefits of a successful data pipeline to business operations, and examines why data engineering should be done in a cloud environment. This is the first course of the Data Engineering on Google Cloud series. After completing this course, enroll in the Building Batch Data Pipelines on Google Cloud course....




Good introduction and overview of the field of data engineering, data lakes and modern data warehouses and a hands-on walkthrough of all the technologies related to solving these problems on GCP.



A better understanding of BigQuery starts here. A vital resource for consultants, data analysts, and product managers, and an important reference source for engineers and data scientists.


Modernizing Data Lakes and Data Warehouses with Google Cloud: 301 - 319 / 319 レビュー

by samstiyer


I wish it was more exhaustive, some of the sections referred to labs and content not included in the course.

by Léo Z


Good overview of the subject but limited and easy practical exercises.

by Conor C


detailed. learned a significant amount on how GCP handles data.

by Omar M


I didn't really like the woman instructor. She talk too fast...

by Christopher S


a lot of words for not that much of information

by Rafal K


I liked end but begging was not so good

by Ismi Y


Many repeated contents.

by Morgan S


The course is not engaging. I watched "big-picture" videos. I don't need to discuss the theory of GCP. I enrolled in the course to get my hands dirty. The labs are not exercises; they are recipes to be blindly followed. I suspect my retention to be limited due to the course. The pro - GCP is a great tool!

by Radha M K V


Very poor introduction to data warehouses. Real world implementations does not work this way. Even if they wanted to promote GCS as sole warehouse mechanism, not enough details on how to get that done. Also the concepts are though in a bit adhoc fashion. Big query handson was good and worth it

by Adam S


Lectures are much too fast. Lecturers are talking very indistinctly and subtitles are incorrect in those places. Additionally majority videos are just recording of someone talking without any visual helps - slides are not very useful. I gave 2 stars, because some labs were pretty cool to do.

by Nami K


Limited timing on labs stresses you out and doesn't let you discover enough about various functionalities. Some links are outdated ( data engineering course folder under Evan Jones' Github does not exist on Github but shown in his video)

by Lucy P


Week 1 was great, however, the videos for week 2 were really hard to follow. It could be because of the way it was read off of the prompter. I really struggled staying focus.

by Jayasimhan g


Few instructors are not good in terms of explaining in a catch way.

One instructor - cannot hear properly.

Other instructor - goes to fast.

by Shalahuddin A A


Not really many technical things, there are more showcase of GCP products rather than practical applications to use.

by Ketaki D


Video quality and content could be improved. Videos (especially for week 2) felt very monotonous.

by Chubareva M


I am not able to do the labs because of some qwiklabs bugs

by Bo


Too easy...

by Tim W


Paid for this course and received certificate, but now I am no longer paying the monthly subscription can no longer access course materials. What a complete waste of money.

Coursera has no real support system that I can see to raise this with, appears to be largely community of FAQ based. Seems they have turned it into a cash making cow with as little support as possible.

by Thiru S


always have Indian tutors they speak clearly