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What makes an interface intuitive? How can I tell whether one design works better than another? This course will teach you fundamental principles of design and how to effectively evaluate your work with users. You'll learn fundamental principles of visual design so that you can effectively organize and present information with your interfaces. You'll learn principles of perception and cognition that inform effective interaction design. And you'll learn how to perform and analyze controlled experiments online. In many cases, we'll use Web design as the anchoring domain. A lot of the examples will come from the Web, and we'll talk just a bit about Web technologies in particular. When we do so, it will be to support the main goal of this course, which is helping you build human-centered design skills, so that you have the principles and methods to create excellent interfaces with any technology....




The course was simple and crisp yet covered it all - interaction, visual and usability. Liked the duration of the videos followed by reading material that covered the highlights of the topic.



The basic principles of design and their philosophies were covered well in this course, and it was taught in a quick, efficient manner. I liked undergoing this course and would recommend it.


Design Principles: an Introduction: 26 - 50 / 173 レビュー

by Syed H S A


This course is an amazing start for your journey in Design thinking. You will learn things that you somehow knew exist within your surroundings but never understand it.

by hsu y


This course give me more information and knowledge about how to do design and the basic design principle ! It's simple and helpful get starting of design.

by Peer D


I love it , 5 Stars, but -

1) Please ad the functionality to zoom into posted pictures!

2) Please more further reading material or videos linked


by Dipanshu S


A very insightful introductory course on design principles. It also provides a lot of useful external resources to further deep dive into the topic.

by Karen H


I liked particularly the course about running web experiments with A/B testing and learning a lot about comparing data with chi-square testing.

by Ninfa N O


I love it! The last week was a little difficult and I have some troubles understanding the Chi-square table. But i think was pretty great.

by Esma İ A


It was summary of how we perceived interfaces and how is the back stage of designing user interface. Thanks to everyone who contribute!

by Guillermo


I really liked the course. The course focuses more on the comparative part and analysis of the results that is what I was looking for.

by Mariam K


Very informative and fun. Good mix of practical examples and theory, made me wish every university course I've taken was like this

by Vipin S


Awesome learning throughout the course. Lectures and professor are great to learn from. It was easy to understand everything.

by Sam D


I liked this course - new ideas and formalisation of techniques... a nice mix of hard and soft skills in the assignments.

by Traci B


I really enjoyed this segment of the course, it made me pay more attention to the not so mundane things around me!

by Sviatlana M


After this course my interest in web design is increased and all material was very useful. I liked examples too.

by Mário S G F


Learn new concepts of using Design, and new skills to improve or design almost any work you can do in the area.

by Ig O


Greatest course I've seen across different domains. Very insightful. And boosts your confidence in UX domain

by Kate Y


Very interesting course. Lots of information is considered. Lots of example that makes everything clear.

by Dalton W


It's an interesting subject and Dr. Klemmer takes it to the next level - a wonderful learning experience.

by Caroline V


Very good course! A mix of graphic design and probabilities, this is very interesting and useful! Thanks!

by Milutin P


A really good course - much more concrete and in-depth than the previous one in the specialization.

by Isabel L


I really enjoyed this course. It was good at introducing a lot of new ideas and basic principles.

by Ana M A


It was great. The tasks where challenging, the explanations were simple and concrete. I loved it.

by Tam N


very well-designed assignments which I learn a lot. More reading resources would be appreciated.

by Ymmannuelle V


I enjoyed this course as the exercises allowed me to put into practice what I've learned.

by Daniela T


This course was really interesting by incorporating research and analysis techniques.



Great way of getting to know more important aspects of visual design and research