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Relational Database Support for Data Warehouses is the third course in the Data Warehousing for Business Intelligence specialization. In this course, you'll use analytical elements of SQL for answering business intelligence questions. You'll learn features of relational database management systems for managing summary data commonly used in business intelligence reporting. Because of the importance and difficulty of managing implementations of data warehouses, we'll also delve into storage architectures, scalable parallel processing, data governance, and big data impacts. In the assignments in this course, you can use either Oracle or PostgreSQL....




Awesome content ,very well drafted and explained course content. I am thankful to the coursera team, who has discovered such kind of really good course and specialization.



Excellent Contents for concepts explained with sample queries and assignments. It is really amazing to go thru all the new concepts within such a short time frame.


Relational Database Support for Data Warehouses: 51 - 74 / 74 レビュー

by Ledon L



by Minas-Marios V


Quite interesting and enjoyable learning experience, one of the few courses to explain such topics like analytical queries and materialized views! The professor explains the related concepts quite clearly, with a plethora of examples. I was also happy to find that the assignments focus very closely on applying the new material taught. My main complaint, however, is that the quizzes don't have any automatic feedback that will allow you to see what part of the question you may have answered incorrectly, and you also can't view the available answers once you have passed it.

by Denis M


Lots of configurations - if the purpose of the coure is to train your patience while you figure out how to setup things that this is your course. You will also learn about data warehousing here... Be ware that you might wait for review quite a while in case if submit on odd days

by Friso S


Content wise a very good and useful course. But the technical support on the installation and use of the software needed to complete the course is very limited, and the manuals are not up to date, as they refer to older versions of the proposed software.

by Zafir S


Great material overall! Not too theory-heavy, and lots of opportunities to do practice problems prior to the assignment. One con, was that it took longer for people to grade assignments due to potentially lower enrollment.

by Mouhammad M


Thank you for this well prepared and presented course.

the assignment were very useful to test and validate our understanding of the course materials. I also liked the opening question and the answer at the end.

by julio


Apresenta bom conteúdo de forma clara e com exemplos o que deixa a explicação clara e consistente.

by Antonio A A


Good course overall. Wish we had some exercises on Data Integration in Oracle

by David R


Enjoyed learning about the Rate to Ratio and Cumulative Distribution fuctions

by Salil T


Well designed course to understand basic concepts and execute in project.

by Stefan K


Good course for improving working with SQL in Data Warehouses

by Devyani G


Thank you for amazing knowledge

by vaibhav b


The course was very helpful

by Mugdha G


Really helpful!

by Tung P Q


Good course

by Santosh R


Good course

by Nupura M


liked it!

by karthik D



by JAI K K M



by Sakina F


The first three weeks were a complete bore. Very slow and only query writing was the fun part. Week 4 and 5 picked up the pace though. Saved the course.

Theres too much of query running and explanation in the videos and not enough content is covered.

by Kira H


If you have Oracle installed from previous classes, there is very little setup required. If not, give yourself ample time to install/configure it. Assignments take MUCH longer than the quoted 30 minutes.

by Luis D


Nice course, would be nice to have more exercises and more elaborated, but fair enough!

by Yossef E


There are many bugs and many things that should be updated

by Maria E


I am very disappointed in this specilization/course. I am working as a business analyst in a data warehouse consulting firm, so I was highly motivated to take all the courses! However, lecturer's poor delivery has taked me aback! It is really hard to grasp the information when it has simply been read to you! The lecturer is always reading and it makes me sick (sorry!). Anyway, I would not continue with the courses if nothing changed. In my opinion, if the lecturer respects students and his field of study, he does not READ from the script and lack motivation...