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Are you about to enter the workforce? Are you an emerging professional? Are you new to your role in the organization? All prospective new employees benefit from understanding management principles, roles and responsibilities, regardless of position. Now you can acquire an in-depth understanding of the basic concepts and theories of management while exploring the manager's operational role in all types of organizations. Gain insight into the manager's responsibility in planning, organizing, leading, staffing and controlling within the workplace. It’s never too soon to plan your professional path by learning how the best managers manage for success! Upon completing this course, you will be able to: 1. Describe the difference between managers and leaders 2. Explore the focus of a manager’s job 3. Cite the required skills for a new manager’s success 4. Describe the five functions of management 5. Explain the new model management operating philosophy 6. Describe the hierarchy of planning 7. Use the SMART goal setting technique 8. Discuss the concept of evolution of leadership 9. Explain how customer satisfaction is linked to controlling 10. Discuss the power of building a network...



Great for people that, like me, does not have a management background but maybe end up dealing with this type of position. Good guidelines, simple but complete and using understandable examples.


This course is very useful for management fraternity whether they are practitioners or academicians\n\nit changes my orientation with relevant examples. Thank you for the wonderful course.


Fundamentals of Management: 51 - 75 / 497 レビュー

by vignesh p


Excellent course content, flow and example sharing by Mr. Dave Nagy. Thanks UCI for providing such a wonderful course.


by Deleted A


So easy to understand, very well prepared for the general public but with a thorough insight on management. I was very pleased

by Ndungi A A


The Course was awesome, and Dave Nagy is really a good professor, he explains clearly with practicaexamples! thank you so much



Nice one , This course having basics of the management , i will recommended to all my peers bout that... thanks to coursera.



This is the most challenging course I have ever took. And its also gave me lot of experience.

Thank you very much, EVERYBODY

by hong a v


Great course! It helps to explain the issues I encountered as a manager. I can't wait to implement the lessons learnt here.

by Navya S


Really informative course with great faculty. Provides you with a basic structure of management which is very essential.

by June L


Excellent course! Well designed, structured, clear, concise, communicated well. I would recommend to anybody. Thank you!

by Dr S K


I knew about management. However by doing the course some concepts got reinforced and i learnt a few new things. Thanks.

by Oleksandr R


I really like simple, but well rich explanation of fundamental basics of management in this course. The lector is great.

by Roman B


This course was very helpful in my professional and everyday life. Many thanks for the information and dose of humor :)

by Lawrence M H P


A good introduction to management concepts. Makes me want to explore the other courses offered by UCI through Coursera.

by Ashib U E


This is a really great course to learn in-depth the fundamentals of management. I have learned a lot from this course.

by Chairman M


Avery great course that is really key in terms of Management and Leadership .I would highly recommend it for anyone .

by Kayahan A


Thank you to Mr. Nagy for his explanation and detailed information. It has been a very productive training for me.

by Mystie T


Loved it! Clear instructions and information was useful with examples that really cemented wha t was being taught.

by Clare T


I learned a lot about leadership and management. There were a lot of examples and were very easy to relate with.

by svetlana p


i like this course because the material which Mr. Dave gives is easy for understanding and he explains so good!

by Filipe F


Past informations are very clearly. They opened my mind for the others things in which I'll study and improve.

by Andrei-Vlad M


A great overview of the function and processes of management. And the role of management in the 21st century.

by Daniel M


Great class very clear and understandable. Dave Nagy uses real world examples to being the material to life.

by Mariam L


As a beginner and person going back to "school", it was very interesting in order to lear some fundamentals.

by Ahmed M M E


I am very thankful for your efforts which helped me so much i am very pleasd to study under your supervision

by Md. M U


I learnt so many things about management that I definitely can use to disseminate to my graduates students.

by Rufino G R


Excellent information; the examples used are simple but easy to understand and match what you are learning