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Examining and exploring the various types of images and graphic elements will be the focus of this course. We will start with color theory to distinguish between CMYK, Pantone and RGB color options and their usages. Then we will review the various types of images used in both print and digital design projects. Finally we will look at logo designs to determine what makes for the best images and graphic elements for corporate branding and imaging....




This course is really good for beginners like me. All the topics are clearly explained and I feel like I've learned a lot. Thank you very much to Dr. Poole and all the team behind this great course.



I love how each subject are presented in a very simplified manner and how each course in this specialization complements one another. Miss Lori Poole is a great teacher, we're so lucky to have her.


Graphic Elements of Design: Color Theory and Image Formats: 26 - 50 / 131 レビュー

by Guillermo C C


Excelente la explicación de cada uno de los puntos, la forma en que han sido abordados permite la comprensión clara y concisa de cada uno de ellos y aprovechamiento del material en general. Las láminas que ilustran el curso son excelentes ayudas didácticas. Felicitaciones y muchas gracias.

by Vidisha M


Great! Thank you so much. I just wish there was more explanation for how to use colour theory and how to select colours for our illustration or work. There was more description of colours and less on how we can pick colours to make the composition look good. Assignments were good. Thanks.

by Camara K G


This course taught me how to professionally design items and it was a great journey knowing that with hard work , prayer and dedication , all things are possible. Thank You coursera for the opportunity .

by Annel R


I like how the color theory and image formats were discussed in this course. It is great for beginners, and as a refresher on these topics.

by Margarita C


It´s short but with the essential information that someone without design knowledge need to start. Really useful.

by Tricia A C C


Great continuation in this speciality. Good mix of theory and practice. Course content is straight to the point.

by P M M K B


I learned very basic concepts in a clear manner. Now I have a good knowledge of using color for graphic designs.

by Haleema S


I really like the instructor. Her way of teaching is absolutely remarkable. The course was also really helpful.

by Deleted A


I learn a lot in this course. It help me explore some design programs and guide me in color theory. Thank You!

by DE L H R J A


Very interesting , I am not Graphic Designer, this courses , teach me a new discipline , in a nice way

by María F T


It was a fun experience and i leaned about how an image can be with dots or lines and so much more

by Sean M G L


It's good. I learned a lot from this course, and I would like to thank Dr. Lori Poole for this.

by Debanick G


It's been wonderful. I'd like to thank Dr. Lori Poole for valuable and effective instructions.

by Honey G


This course gave an amazing insights for the fundamentals of graphic design. Enjoyed learning.

by Aishwarya V


I loved the way colors are combined! Thank you for letting me know the magic of using colors

by Iqra S


i think this course is very good. this course gives you a good introduction of web banner .

by Velasco M M G


extremely helpful for a basic knowledge in graphic design and what all the elements mean

by Lorna A


The course is very informative about color and its applications and I learned a lot.

by kiran b


learns about image design,color theory which really helpful me in my future work!



Great Course. Apart from designers, this course should be taken everyone.

by Victoria T


Veery informative for beginners like me, with lots of examples shown.

by Lautaro L


De gran utilidad para quienes se introducen en el dominio del diseño

by Micah S C


Very detailed and informational. I really learned a lot. Thank you!

by Crestal A A


Thank you so much coursera it really open me a big new opportunity.

by Niesha N D


Thank you guys so much for offering this I have learned so much