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ジョンズ・ホプキンズ大学(Johns Hopkins University) による Understanding and Strengthening Health Systems の受講者のレビューおよびフィードバック



Welcome to our course on Understanding and Strengthening Health Systems for Global Health. During the course we will provide you with an overview of the main elements or building blocks of a health system based on the World Health Organization’s guidance. You will have the opportunity to explore four main areas of health systems in global health with particular reference to low and middle income countries. The first area focuses on understanding health service organizations, the challenges. Our second module looks at WHO’s six major building blocks or health systems components with particular reference to primary health care and the need for community participation in planning, delivery and assessment of these systems components. in our third module we examine the specific systems component of human resource development and capacity building. The fourth area consists of health policy making and advocacy with stakeholders. This course is geared toward learners who are already involved in managing health and development programs on the ground in low and middle income countries or who are preparing for such a management role. The main lectures will span a four-week period with approximately 2-4 hours of viewing learning materials per week. We have one peer graded essay wherein you will use skills in ‘organizational’ diagnosis to better understand a challenge in an organization where you are or have worked. There are also quizzes. We hope you will engage with your fellow learners in discussion forums to learn from each other....



Sep 03, 2018

This a very interesting course highlighting key components in order effectively organize to tackle issues facing health systems at large . I highly recommend it


Jan 25, 2019

Content was very interesting, a lot of repetition of material helped to get a good understanding of Health Systems. Organizational Diagnosis was very useful.


Understanding and Strengthening Health Systems: 51 - 59 / 59 レビュー

by Marc S O

Dec 21, 2018

A very useful and practical course. It delivers practical examples in real life situations.

by Maria L P

May 30, 2020

Some weeks are disproportionately heavy with regards to other. Very interesting.

by Hafiz M W

May 18, 2020

It is really good course.

by Gil C M d S J

Oct 14, 2019

Very good.

by Dorota S

May 08, 2020

The course format is not particularly student friendly. Relying solely on videos in which the lecturer presents field experience over a slide deck that is not always synced with what they are saying is not exactly the peak online learning methodology.

Adding some readings, linking additional resources that the students could explore (the JHU website has multiple amazing online tools), breaking the very lengthy course videos into smaller pieces would make for a more impactful educational experience.

On top of that, the peer review system is not exactly fool proof, and even after you have successfully submitted your assignment, one can wait for multiple weeks before obtaining the certificate, as there is apparently not enough peers to review the submissions. The discussion forum for the course is filled with people asking for reviews.

That being said, the course content is interesting and I believe that the whole Foundations of Global Health is potentially quite useful for people looking to cement their GH experience and knowledge.

For people who are only getting started in the Public and Global Health, I'd suggest taking the course "Essentials of Global Health" from Yale University which is for free, a lot more interactive & student-friendly and introduces students to multiple online tools that are useful for further research and better understanding.

by Julian O K

Feb 21, 2020

The videos were fairly long and extremely detailed albeit it required complete and undivided attention. If you don't do very well when it comes to watching long lectures, it's better to start now because it's going to be worth it. Thanks!

by Maria d l A E

Jun 14, 2018

The information provided was very useful, but the method (videos/lectures) were too monotonous.

by Varun R

May 24, 2020

The content organization is very random and one component does not flow into the other.

The approach to teaching is very boring- the instructor is simply reading out information without engagement.

The good part about the course is the case study approach to teaching which makes it easier to apply in a practical setting.

by Guenivere M

Mar 07, 2020

The instructor was very dry and the information was presented in such huge chunks, it was difficult to digest