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Just how familiar are you with a marketing communication campaign? Learn more about this key pillar in the marketing mix and use it to give the push your product or service needs. Through this course you will understand the most important issues when planning and evaluating marketing communications strategies and executions. You'll be able to combine the appropriate theories and models with practical information to make better marketing communications decisions. After completing this course you'll be able to use integrated marketing communications (IMC) in the process of creating valuable brands and winning your consumers. IE Business School professor Eda Sayin will guide you through the process with the help of expert interviews from international marketing firms and will provide interesting real-life examples. After this course you will be equipped with the knowledge to ensure that you make the correct decision when it comes to communications and the placement of advertising and digital marketing....



This was actually a great learning experience for me. The course interested me so much that I was able to complete the entire module within 2 days. Thanks for providing me a great learning experience.


First of all thankyou eda sayin mam and the other industrial experts, it was amazing journey and i have gained alot of knowledge regarding the course from which i have been taken through brilliantly.


Integrated Marketing Communications: Advertising, Public Relations, Digital Marketing and more: 101 - 125 / 441 レビュー

by hemasri m


Experience in this course is good as the lecture is having practical examples.Thank you for being providing these coursera learning.

by Krzysztof L


Good content, very well done videos.

Too many interruptions during the some videos, even every 30 seconds, video is loosing its flow

by Hew Y C


Good introduction and easy to learn with interviews and examples. It would be better if it provides examples that is more current.

by Шишков А В


Very dynamic course, professional knowledge, excellent English! Especially I would thank authors for additional reading materials.

by Dashmeet O


Detailed and elaborate course involving all essentials of marketing communications. Recommended to anyone interested in marketing.

by Stacy A


I am more than grateful for the opportunity to study this course online and I can say I am better at handling my online business.

by KUMAR H 1


It was a really interesting course and the best part about it was the various examples given for almost every new terminology.

by Hamza


One of the best Moocs i have studied, i especially loved the way it was presented with very nice bright music.

Great job guys!

by Esra C


Instructor is very revealing. The duration of the lesson was ideal and the questions in the lesson reinforced your learning.

by Nila J


I enjoyed this course. It got me excited to enrol for more on Coursera. I can't wait to learn more, thanks to this platform!

by Yashmita


Amazing, very informative and a mix of perfect knowledge required to understand Integrated Marketing Communication. Thanks!

by Aparna N


Very happy and satisfied with the course.It helped me a lot to explore in integrated marketing communications. Thank you..

by Manar M E M


Realy it's very interesting and important to me and all marketers I will advise any marketing employees to joining now.

by Thamara M


Thanks for this course, it helps me to refresh concepts and learn new ones Highly recommended. Really dynamic and catchy.

by Ricardo R



Perfect video production. The topics are very interesting and the teacher delivers the message interestingly.

by Neelasri B


It is a good course. I managed to finish it in two days and I am sure the knowledge gained will help me in my career.

by Rajnish K


Professor taught giving lot of examples which helped me out to relate the theories. It was a good learning experience

by Susan D


Amazing course, I learned a lot more about PR and Advertising. Ready to put in practice all this in my career field!



A brilliant course which will provide abundant knowledge about the various marketing and communication techniques.

by Ramya K P


it was a great learning experience. Examples cited were very interesting. the assessment process was also good.

by ADI C


I find this course very informative. It is structured in an way that to help you grasp its content very easily

by 武利鑫


I am very like the teacher's teaching style ,It teaching many aspects of markting which we should make effort.

by Herath M G B M B


It is very helpful for improve my skills regarding integrated marketing communications. Thank you very much.

by DrKavitha R G


Excellent way of explaining all concepts including the interviews of David Gracia, FCB, Monica Moro, , etc.

by Satesh K A J


A great learning experience along with a greater knowledge acquired.

Thank you to the Professor Eda Sayin.