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Learning Python gives the programmer a wide variety of career paths to choose from. Python is an open-source (free) programming language that is used in web programming, data science, artificial intelligence, and many scientific applications. Learning Python allows the programmer to focus on solving problems, rather than focusing on syntax. Its relative size and simplified syntax give it an edge over languages like Java and C++, yet the abundance of libraries gives it the power needed to accomplish great things. In this project you will create a guessing game application that pits the computer against the user. You will create variables, decision constructs, and loops in python to create the game. Note: This course works best for learners who are based in the North America region. We’re currently working on providing the same experience in other regions....



Sep 28, 2020

The course was at it best with a visual studio python a learner could learn easily with it and I found it very interesting as I could write and run the program just while learning itself.


Jul 02, 2020

Great class for the absolute beginner (like me). It was clear and concise and I appreciate that you are able to run a simple game at the end of the course. Thank you!


Introduction to Python: 26 - 50 / 247 レビュー

by Manoj k s

Jun 08, 2020

it is not quite good the instructor didn't explain the term especially in last function video also we are unable to download the program file. i complete this course because i know the python basics but for beginner it is not that good ..

by Eveline R

Jun 14, 2020

This is supposed to be an beginner course -- right? However, this course assumes that you are already a data scientist! The Professor rarely describes why a certain move is necessary. He does describe the tasks necessary to create the "guessing game application", such as Variables, Decision Constructs, Looping and Functions. The Prof. mumbles and moves quickly through the module on Rhyme -- the black screen renders it difficult to see. Anyhow, I am very impressed by the Prof's knowledge and how quickly he is able to move around on the black screen in Rhyme. I am a beginning computer programmer and should have never signed up with someone, who is miles ahead and leaves a beginner in the dust. I love Coursera and just finished a Certificate in Contact Tracing. I am desperately trying to figure out as to how to unsubscribe from this course, since I do not wish to be graded clearly above my pay grade. Thank you for your understanding!

by Devvjiit B

Jul 13, 2020

I had an awesome experience with this course on Coursera, within a very short time I learned how to make a simple game using Python, thanks to Rhyme. Also, I am now much more familiar with working with Python to accomplish simple tasks that require basic programming (use of loops/decision constructs/predefined functions).

Thank you very much, Coursera


Sep 28, 2020

The course was at it best with a visual studio python a learner could learn easily with it and I found it very interesting as I could write and run the program just while learning itself.

by Muthoni W

Aug 19, 2020

It was very hands on. if you truly focus on the project, you will learn a lot. The host was also very clear. This is must do project.


Aug 03, 2020

interesting. but it is not quite beginner-friendly, will recommend to those with a little bit of knowledge on python


Jul 17, 2020

as a short course, it was great. The course instructor's method of teaching was perfect! i enjoyed it so much.

by James T

Jul 15, 2020

Great introductory course, learned a lot, made me much more enthusiastic in learning how to code.

by Aritra B

Sep 06, 2020

This is a very good course. I have also learned many concepts of python from the course.

by Musa K

Oct 18, 2020

It was cool to get a start on Python, I would recommend it for the beginners.

by Pakomius Y N

Sep 22, 2020

Terima kasih karena teelah memperkenalkan bahasa pemrograman python.

by Yue M

Jul 31, 2020

A great hand-on project for a beginner with some programming skills.

by Alok y

Jul 10, 2020

Introduction to python help me very much about the basics of python

by Fahad A

Aug 16, 2020

To start working on Python, I recommend this course to everyone.

by Ferdinand A C

Sep 01, 2020

It would be better if there was smartphone friendly interface.

by MS. S S

Aug 16, 2020

Actually I m new to Python Course.But its Quite interesting

by Monica T

Aug 17, 2020

This was a good overview and introduction to Python


Jun 27, 2020

good explanation and well organized the content :)

by Akshay A B

Sep 08, 2020

Short and Sweet course to learn basics of python.

by Nasretdinova Y

Aug 02, 2020

nega kursni yakunlasamham sertifikar berilmayabdi

by Ossama M

Aug 19, 2020

It was quite simple & little bit informative : )

by Nurmatov O B o

Sep 20, 2020

Thank you for the creation of this course!

by Jocelyn S P D

Oct 16, 2020

Muy bueno para tener las bases en python.


Jun 24, 2020

This course is very good and informative.


Sep 27, 2020

love this assignment great for begineers