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Peter Drucker, a pioneer in the field of management, once said that people have a perverse tendency to behave like human beings. Of course, we are not machines, and certainly not programmable. But through the study of organizational behavior, we can gain insights into what makes people tick within a work context. Increasing your understanding of your own behavior and that of your colleagues, teams and leaders, is an important first step to bringing positive change to how you and your organization work. The objective of this course is therefore to provide insight into four key areas: • Motivation. In this course segment we will understand the concept of motivation and review various perspectives that will help you understand how we can motivate others. • Leadership. In this part of the course, we will analyze the concept of leadership and consider various perspectives and approaches to help shed light on leadership emergence and effectiveness. • Teamwork. Here we look at team functioning and effectiveness. Using the widely used input – process – output model of team effectiveness, we consider such topics as team diversity, team processes, and team outcomes. • Culture. Finally, we'll move to the level of the organization and consider the concept of organizational culture, also touching upon the concept of national culture. We look at the various ways in which culture is expressed, and discuss the implications of culture for people within organizations and cross-cultural collaborations....




Awesome cause here, that makes understanding how people behave and to motivate them. It has changed my way of thinking and for me to judge less as to why people do what they do. I recommend this all.



An excellent foundational course on managing people. I particularly appreciated the academic theory serving as the backbone of the course. Professor Raes was also especially good. Highly recommended!


Organizational Behavior: How to Manage People: 51 - 75 / 210 レビュー

by Amar K


this help you to enhance the knowledge about management of people how to achieve goal effectively and efficiently

by eldo l


Excellent course, would like to take the in depth course if i could which i do believe is a must for any Leader

by Erika S


I enjoyed this course a lot. Material provided is really useful and is presented in easy to understand manner.

by Japhet E


This course is outstanding and really an eye opener to what is required to be a good and effective leader.

by Kelvin H


Great course, useful and practical information on managing people and teams. I loved the mix of theory and

by Shramana S


Absolutely amazed by taking this course. It was really a very nice experience. Learnt a lot of things.

by Abdul l n


one of the good course where I understood how or might the human resource look like in an organzation

by Maria J D


Kudos to all speakers of this course! Very well executed and lectures were explained really well.

by Marta T D


Very insightful, so useful and important knowledge fundamental for your work organization or teams

by Nizar A D


Its excellent course introducing to varied facets of Human Management in Organizational Behaviour

by Lucian P


Very useful information and presenting various point of views. I also recommended it to my boss!

by Henry C


Excelente, ayuda a entender conceptos de motivación, gestión de equipos y liderazgo de equipos.

by Mohammad S


Overall its a good enough course for understanding about organizational behavior related terms.

by Salvator O


Excellent course, excellently taught. Thanks to the IESE faculty of Organizational Behaviour

by mounika d


thanks for the IESE ,made my job of learning easy.......glad to be the part of the course.

by Haitham A E


It was great experience to link all these great theories and reflections in this ne place



highly recommend, course is engaging as well as very useful. learned several new skills.

by Noelia P G


Muy buen curso para entender los aspectos principales del comportamiento organizacional!

by Anastasiia R


I like the course, the lector is nice :) I had a lot of insights for my points of grow

by Srividya I


Excellent explanation and detailed orientation with examples. I am loving learning it.

by Martin J


this really is an upgrading course that helps you better in the management of people.

by Kunal R S


it is the best course which i have learned yet and also get to learn a lot of things



Nice and clear, particularly recommendable for people with an average English level.

by Samah A J


Inspiring and meaningful time taught me to manage myself and to organize my work.

by Gonzalo G P


Excellent course!! Highly recommended! It is complete, serious, straight forward.