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In this course, you will learn how to create a complete, multi-user web site using the Meteor.js framework and MongoDB. You will implement user authentication, security features, reactive templates and routing using iron router. You will carry out key database operations such as inserting, removing and updating data as well as sorting and filtering. You will see how a complete application can be built, line by line. At the end of the course, you will be able to: 1. Install the Meteor.js system and create a web application 2. Work with the Meteor.js packaging system 3. Write Meteor.js templates that can reactively display data 4. Use insert, remove and update operations on MongoDB 5. Write MongoDB data filters to search for and sort data 6 .Add user authentication functionality to a website 7. Control what is displayed on the page using iron:router 8. Implement basic security features In this course, you will complete: 1 server install assignment taking ~1 hour to complete 1 programming assignment taking ~8 hours to complete 4 quizzes, each taking ~20 minutes to complete multiple practice quizzes, each taking ~5 minutes to complete Prerequisites This course is designed to build on top of the material delivered in the previous two courses in this specialisation. Therefore, we recommend that if you find this course too technically challenging that you first complete the previous courses before re-commencing this one. Specifically, we expect you to be able to code basic HTML, CSS and Javascript before you take this course. Participation in or completion of this online course will not confer academic credit for University of London programmes....



Thought it was a great intro to Meteor. Practical and easy to follow along, at least for someone like me with a Comp Sci background (though it has been many years since I really programmed).


Good course for an introduction to Meteor framework, and of course, great teacher!\n\nProfessor Mathew Yee-king makes it easy to understand all the complexities around and inside of Meteor.


Introduction to Meteor.js Development : 201 - 225 / 297 レビュー

by Ernesto A


great course

by Charles



by Polad M


really good

by camilo a f



by Rey V



by Feng Y


quite good

by Charles E



by Lwanga V K


very nice

by Sanjib K S



by Jordão F B


Worth it

by Andrew J B



by Juan F M d S






by Miguel R



by Matej J



by Jeremy C


While I was primarily taking this course as a prerequisite for the next course in the specialization (which covers MongoDB in a bit more depth), I found this to be a well-organized introduction to a compelling framework. The instructor did a good job of presenting the content in a way that should be accessible for new developers, while still being relevant to experienced developers looking to round out their skills by learning a new framework.

Acknowledging that this is a review of the course and not the framework, it's worth noting that Meteor itself is promising in its ability to quickly deploy sophisticated client-server web applications. My firm has well-established boilerplate templates based on Node.js and Gulp.js and a few dozen dependency packages that satisfy many of the same capabilities, but which were developed over a period of months and come with a much steeper learning curve. The scope of modern capabilities that Meteor offers out-of-the-box for "free" is quite impressive, and allows developers to dive into the interesting parts without the overhead of configuring services and establishing a build process.

My only criticism is the cost, if you're looking to attain a verified certificate. At least from the perspective of a professional developer, the course was a bit light on content by comparison to other Coursera classes with the same pricing structure. I was able to complete the initial coursework in less than a week, while still attending my day job (although it did take additional time to complete the course project). Ultimately, this would be more compelling at a $49 price point, at least relative to other Coursera offerings.

by Dominik B


Mr. Yee-King is a gifted instructor. The course content is presented in an intelligible and clear manner.

The only downside (as with many web development courses on Coursera) is that there is no section on how to deploy a Meteor project to the web. According to my own experience, this is not trivial as the long list of issues on the github pages of mup and mupx shows. Of course, there is a business logic behind this: simplicity and developer friendliness comes at a price - Meteor needs a return on investment, which is achieved through charging for deploying on Meteor's Galaxy web backend.

Another proposal for improvement: the peer review form does not reflect the tasks of the final project well. Especially the section on the challenges should be more differentiated and should contain an item for each challenge.

by Travis P


Good course and good introduction to Meteor.js. I knocked it down one star because the assignments are not as effective as they could be. Weeks 1-3 are short, easy quizzes. Only in week 4 is there a programming assignment, and it is a doozy. More than 6 hours for me--nothing like the 30 minutes it claims (however, I will point out it was a good assignment and I learned a lot).

I think if the assignments were structured more like the U of Hong Kong web development courses this would be a five star course.

by Jean-Baptiste C


Great course. The final assignement is a bit difficult compared to the course's teaching though. It did push me to do a bit of research on the web (which is good), but it would have been great to have a bit more explanations on how to develop features such as search or websites suggestion (I have no idea whatsoever if my implementation was correct).

by Marcin K


Great course- organized in a very friendly form ( a lot of others courses are simply boring and after few minutes of listening to the lecture you simply can't stand it ). Here the lectures are relatively short ~10 min and focused on single topic.

Looking forward for the next course in the specialization.

by Wolfram R


Actual rating would be 4.5/5 but Coursera doesn't allow for half stars.

Great introduction to Meteor.js, overall. The professor covered the *how* very well with lots of examples and follow-along coding, but I wished there was a little bit more content on *why* Meteor does what it does.

by Andrew M


A great introduction to Meteor.js. I really appreciated the simplicity of each module. I found the final assignment to be easy to get passing marks, but just the right challenge to get full marks. Totally recommended if you want a quick introduction to the buzz that is Meteor.

by Abhishek P


A very straightforward and simple course. Since it's part of a Specialisation which is aimed at newbies, I wouldn't recommend it for people experience in JavaScript. But its pretty great for someone with minimal web dev or js experience



Really good introduction for someone who is looking for new knowledge in the web development field. Even though it has a really good teacher, the meteor version that it use is kinda old. But, for sure, a really good experience.

by Johann M


It is definitely an exccelent course. I think there are some things that need to be updated, as it yields errors because Meteor does not support some packages. This sometimes can be difficult for learners to overcome.