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How can we explain kindness and cruelty? Where does our sense of right and wrong come from? Why do people so often disagree about moral issues? This course explores the psychological foundations of our moral lives....




Professor Bloom is knowledgeable, fair, and often humorous without disrupting the quality of the lectures. The use of examples and mixture of teaching media were great. I highly recommend this course.



It was very informational and challenging in ones' own personal belief, thoughts, and ethical values. I would love to take a follow-up on additional courses. And Professor Bloom was very informative.


Moralities of Everyday Life: 626 - 650 / 702 レビュー

by David D


Generally quite good in reviewing a multitude of aspects. I did miss not having my responses evaluated even though I decided just to audit this course. On almost all occassions others courses let you evaluate your learning as you go so this was disappointing.

I did purchase Bloom's book which I find easy to read and very complimentary to the course.

by Claire B


Great speaker, easy-to-follow videos, interesting cases and stories. The whole course makes you think differently about the (moral) week you just had! Yet, I give it 4 out of 5 stars, cause somehow I feel like I'm lacking some "hard" knowledge. But it surely was a very nice and interesting introduction to moralities!

by Haifa M


A fantastic course that gives you a holistic outlook on morality and what guides people in making decisions and taking choices. Really leaves you thinking and ruminating about everything you have ever known. The professor lectures on everything from psychology to philosophy to anthropology and more!

by Mackenzie C


Beautifully crafted and wonderfully insightful. I would recommend taking notes and putting the speed of each video to x1.5 however. Regardless, I would highly recommend this to anyone wishing to gain a better understanding of what it means to be human in a world full of questionable humanity...

by Stephanie F


This was a pretty good class in terms of critical thinking. It gave valid comparative contrasts from a number of different perspectives. It tried remaining neutral while arguing a number of different viewpoints to give those participating valuable critical thinking skills.

by Andi R


For me, this was a lot of brain pain! However, the material is interesting and applicable to real world situations from politics to TV shows.

You will come out of this course a little more thoughtful and a lot better informed about why people do what they do.

by Alice D


You'll need to pay to take the quizzes, which is a bummer, but over all a very interesting, well done, and thought provoking look into morality and how we define what is moral.

by Divya N


Very engaging lecturer. I would have preferred the course to be a little more challenging, with perhaps a final exam or some extra readings. Nevertheless, highly recommended.

by SAI D S


i have gained a lot of knowledge through this course and it taught me that being in a society is all about one's individuality and the morals they learnt.

by Elizabeth A S


It was interesting but went on a bit long.

I think that the instructor could have gotten all of his I tended material in if he tightened each lecture.

by ANA L L


I found the course quite interesting although the extension was too long. I think is a good introduction but not something to learn a lot from.

by mrs v


Very good course and fascinating reading. Some of the reading material was unavailable due to broken links/removed videos.

by Mechthild K


Very interesting course on a topic i have not thought about much before. Difficult to squeeze into a short time frame.

by Jang S


Quite good, i would suggest if Paul would take some time to explain graphs as an optional class. Like office hours.

by Michael B


Very well presented by a very knowledgeable professor but seemed to dodge some of the trickier questions.

by Lisa S


It seems the teacher was under the influence of psychological drugs. He lacked the qualities of humans.

by Basel E


it is a very helpful course I have learned a lot of things about psychology and human being behaviors

by G J


The best life skills i have learend ,form here like ,connections and commnunicating skills ,thanks .

by Alejandro J


I would like to understand better and with clear examples the difference between Moral and Ethics

by Abhishek D


Really nice Course and it was nicely presented. Hope to get a similar course like this.

by Eli J J


Very good and interesting introduction to factors that influence moral decision making.

by Caelyn M


A good well organized course; but I was already familiar with much of the material.

by Y P


Leaned lots of facts, particurarly regarding human behaviors. Was interesting.

by Sanari N


Largely biased but still interesting when applied to Western cultures

by melis a a


Very interesting and very insightful. Thank you Yale and Prof. Bloom.