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バッファロー大学(University at Buffalo) による Introduction to the Nonprofit Sector, Nonprofit Organizations, Nonprofit Leadership and Governance の受講者のレビューおよびフィードバック



This course introduces you to the nonprofit sector, nonprofit organizations, and the concepts of leadership and governance. While this course has been developed with North American culture in mind, we do appreciate that in other parts of the world the nature of the nonprofit sector, nonprofit organizations, nonprofit leadership and governance may not be the same. Nevertheless, it is our hope that much of the course content will still be of value to those in other parts of the world. To learn more about this course, please watch the overview video by copying and pasting the following link into your web browser: Keywords: Nonprofit; Nonprofit Sector; Voluntary Sector; Nonprofit Organizations, Non-Governmental Organizations, Volunteer Organizations, Leadership, Management, Governance, Board, Board of Directors, Performance, Effectiveness Course 1 Overview: Week 1: Some of the questions you will explore this week are: What is the nonprofit sector and why does it exist? What are the unique characteristics of nonprofit organizations? What are the trends and emerging issues facing organizations in the nonprofit sector? Week 2: Questions to be explored this week are: What is leadership at the governance level and how is it different from management? What is good governance and why does it matter? What is a board of directors? Week 3: This week's questions: What roles do board members play in nonprofit organizations? Broadly speaking, what are boards responsible for and how do they go about their work? What are some of the issues that challenge the board's ability to go its work? Week 4: At this stage, you are asked to review the course content, submit a written assignment (known lightheartedly as a BEAR (Board Effectiveness Readiness Assessment), and take two multiple choice Readiness Assurance Tests (known similarly as RATs). One RAT will assess knowledge and reading comprehension and the other will test application of knowledge within a practical case. Week 5: We will encourage you to discuss the RATs in the discussion forums and take them again should you wish to change any of your answers based on the information exchanged....




Whether you are new to non-profit service, or have been volunteering and engaging for years, the course offers useful insights that can lend more substance and impact to your important work.



I highly recommend the entire program to new and even experienced board members in both the non-profit and corporate world. Very real application and concepts that are applicable.


Introduction to the Nonprofit Sector, Nonprofit Organizations, Nonprofit Leadership and Governance: 26 - 49 / 49 レビュー

by Andreas F L


Well thought through course with strong methods and tools

by Tshegohatso C


Insightful! I've learnt alot, thank you!

by Jeffrey K


Great start of this specialization

by Harris C


very useful and practical

by Aishwarya P M


A great course indeed

by Dr. C F


Outstanding course

by Mario G


Excellent course

by D.Annie C


Awesome 😊

by Luiz M



by Rola A S


While you do learn a lot in this course, some of the readings are repetitive and do not have any added value, and rather waste time. I also believe that the assignments of week 4 and 5 should be divided differently so that the BEAR is due in week 5, and only the general assessment of organisations in your area is due in week 4. It divides the work better and allows you to peer review the essays separately. It may also help students submit on time.

by shiva


It was hard to learn from the materials that we have to buy. Please understand that not everyone who sign up for the course can afford to buy the books on amazon. Lack of those books are showing effects on the way we attempt the assignments. It would be great if download links or online study links are provided in the readings section for all the necessary books instead of only a few.

by Emily L


The material in this course was informative, augmented by interviews with professionals in the field, case studies, and a final project that required interviewing members of a real-life board. A minor inconvenience, not everything is contained within the Coursera app/page. There is a lot of reading material to hunt down and download.

by Sunil D


Excellent introduction of this programme. As Australian student and professional practitioner I really admire the contents and research behind this programme. Thank you.


by Lim S Y C


Teacher was organised and coherent, lectures was clearly planned. Students however didn't seem particularly engaged with wide variance in understanding.

by Pedro M


They don't provide all the required readings. You need to buy in order to read. Doesn't seem fair.

by Jordi P


Very insightful. Examples and issues discussed match situations faced in real boards.

by Mohammad A H


This is a really nice course! I am fortunate to be part of it!

by Regina L


Great readings and course material

by Emmanuel A


Good and interesting course.

by Allen L


There were signification technical issues (such as dead or inactive links some of which were required reading/reference) with this course as well as the exceptionally dated submissions and contributions within the Forums. It would seem that there were few active participants in the course - which could very useful to know when beginning it (including geographics as to where the participants were from - ideally in a dashboard for a quick review... and the opportunity to easily connect with select peers... other than trying to navigate through numerous forums - where again the initiated threads by Moderators dated back over 4 years in some cases). Additionally, some of the readings and references were also dated. Finally, having Faculty engage with participants rather than simply reading powerpoints would be much more more beneficial (the slides would be part of require readings and reference in advance of the video with Faculty who could then speak to it at an overall level or expand of them). Overall, however, the content was very well laid out and did a good job addressing the topic of the course.

by Rose N


Just needed a brush up and some resources for helping our board get oriented - Thank You

by Natalya B


The content was poorly outlined. I wish there were more interviews with industry leaders, more focus on best practices and emerging trends in the sector. I wish the quizzes were based on the application of concepts as opposed to memorization of article and book references. This course geared heavily towards a US audience even though the audience had a large non-US component.

by Marcin M


This is the worst course ever! Boring, absolutely no hands on, academic discussion about NGO boards and academic jargon. Quality of videos, material and interviews is horrible. At the test is designed not to test your knowledge but for your to fail to understand double-negation questions and follow text and books which are not provided. Horrible.

by Adam F


​I will be unenrolling. It is clear that this is not properly positioned for online learning. With no updates in years I think the instructors agree.