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In our modern technologically-based economy, the creation and enforcement of patent rights can make or break a business. With record numbers of patents being issued every year, the stakes for inventors (and, indeed, their lawyers) continue to rise, even as the patent law and its administration faces growing criticism. This course begins with an examination of the fundamental justifications for and creation of U.S. patent rights as well as the relationship between patent law and other “intellectual property” concepts. We will then delve into the details of the U.S. requirements for patentability, and explore the scope of patent rights, again considering how the policies expressed reflect the justifications for patent rights. Then we will look at an actual patent document and analyze the different pieces of an issued patent with a special focus on the importance of patent claims. Finally, we will explore strategies for dealing with patent infringement....




The selection of course topics were knowledgeful and the way lectures were delivered absolutely excellent. The final assignment was indeed practical which provided handsome learning.



This is an amazing & well organized course. I've learned creative thinking & how to apply the principles in this course. I'm sure it will be great helpful in my near future.


特許法: 26 - 37 / 37 レビュー

by Sourindra M


Good course to learn!

by Maria R


it was so interested

by rajdeep d


It pretty good

by Gaming U



by Varun S


Fantastic course in the way it is structured. It is clear, to the point and well thought out in terms of learning difficulty. It can get better in terms of showing more examples, more case studies and more hands on details on composing the claims (how to use the legal language). Thanks

by Vijay R P


Good course. Wish it was in more depth. The summative assignment was good. However, it needs to be evaluated by an expert who can also guide on the right way to draft rather than being assessed by a peer based on a rubric. Some of the reading list links did not work.

by Gary C


Clearly presented, hits the main points needed and gives good examples to work with. Very helpful and genuinely an education.

by Muskan K


Really Very Helpful content and well understood Patent law ! Enjoyed the sessions as well!

by wenxuan l


Informative while some readings are broken.

by Liz U


Somewhat redundant, and several of the "additional reading" links don't work.

by Paweł G


Outdated, dead links.