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This course aims to teach everyone the basics of programming computers using Python. We cover the basics of how one constructs a program from a series of simple instructions in Python. The course has no pre-requisites and avoids all but the simplest mathematics. Anyone with moderate computer experience should be able to master the materials in this course. This course will cover Chapters 1-5 of the textbook “Python for Everybody”. Once a student completes this course, they will be ready to take more advanced programming courses. This course covers Python 3....
High quality instructor
Introductory course



After trying tutorial after tutorial and exploring many different resources to learn Python, I have finally found one that works! This is a very fun course, and the free textbook is simply incredible.


excellent for beginners, very well described, great understanding grasped and its simple, very simple, but thats what makes it 5 star, is that its for anyone or as the title says pythong for Everybody


Programming for Everybody (Getting Started with Python): 351 - 375 / 10,000 レビュー

by Manan P


The course is very good. when i started this course i am thinking it's going to be difficult , but relaxed when completed first week of the course. The main attraction of the course is it's arrangement in a sequence step by step form which makes understanding concepts easy.

Each video in the course doesn't tell only how to do program, but also clears the concept of the programs and why we are doing that program.

Really any person can learn python through these course even he has a programming background or not.

Overall course is so good and helps me in enhancing my programming skills.

by Thiago Y T


É um curso muito instrutivo. Foi o meu primeiro curso do Coursera e também a minha primeira linguagem de programação. O curso foi muito bom para mim que não sabia nada de programação, desde elementos básicos como instalar e rodar os programas, e evoluiu até a utilização das ferramentas de programação. Esse primeiro curso é bem introdutório, então para pessoas que já conhecem programação, acredito que deve servir mais para reforçar suas ideias, mas para iniciantes é bem instrutivo. As avaliações são bastante didáticas e a resolução dos problemas são desafios possíveis e divertidos.

by Chandrama S


I am a research student and working with Matlab Programming currently. Previously I did Masters in Geography and I had a very little experience in programming language as my entire course study was based on theory, statistical applications in geography.

Dr. Chuck's lectures really helped my out to learn coding from scratch and at the top of it I am now able to find out my loopholes while I do coding on Matlab background. Definitely I will take more courses from Coursera in future and when I have saved much, I will upgrade my course to get my completion certificates.



by sreeram s


I really enjoyed learning this course. Though I am a beginner in programming, I was able to follow, comprehend and apply the contents taught in the course. The instructor stayed true to his vision in making it easy for everyone to learn programming through this course. Additionally taking it on coursera online platform helped me do it at my own pace, pause, take notes and really grasp the content. The assignments were appropriate and interesting.

I strongly recommend this course to newbies willing to take the plunge into programming. Python seemed lot more easy to learn and apply.

by Charles S


Dr. Severance kept everything very clear. I really appreciate that he has mastered the pace required to make sure you don't miss something, even when you think he could go faster. He has also mastered how to explain the translation from human thinking to computer code really well. I have found that other teachers have gone "native" with computer thinking and cannot explain it clearly. Clearly, this course makes you confident to continue on with the rest of the specialization. Note, if you have even a little coding experience, you can do this first course in a week quite easily.

by Mohd A N


I'm not new to programming, I'm not new to Python, but I took this course just to see the way Mr. Severace teaches. I loved him! I completed the whole course in literally less than 6 hours of binging and completing the assignments plus the bonus material. A 100% of it. It was almost a quick refresher for me.

If this is your first time into programming, this is the best place to start with. Mr. Charles Russell Severance is the fun way to start with. The content is to the point and deals straight to the point with added fun. No nasty tricks/shortcuts, just plain beginner content.

by Quanxiong Z


I've tried the Python course of Rice university, and some part of the Codecademy Python course! This is much more basic and offer a fundamental view about all programming language not only just python. Compared to the Rice University course, this one is more for a new beginner who hasn't done any coding before. The Rice course doesn't really need any coding exp, but with the projects get more complicated in the end, it would be much easier if you have somewhat coding exp before, at least in my opinion.

Anyway, I can't wait for all this specialization of University of Michigan!

by Unzila N


The following course "Programming for Everybody" provides basic, useful knowledge of programming languages and terminologies used by a computer programmer. It is indeed very helpful for a non-programmer like me to initiate and learn a new scientific field of study and to further take over the commands within. Moreover, the instructor is excellent and expert in his field. He explains the tricky concepts so well with contextualisation. He successfully kept me captured throughout the course. And I am keen to opt for the other specialization courses taught by the same Professor.

by Nattawat B


Professor did really great job in trying to make every newcomer love programming. Professor have done a really great job explaining all the stuff in only a short period of time.

As a person who have already studied Python before, this course is really helpful and is a quick review for most material studied before. The assignment and quiz is quite easy.

My recommendation for improving this course is to teach python by using the python instead of powerpoint in slides. It will make everything much clearer and people who haven't learn python before can understand things easier.

by Carlos A


IMHO, Excellent introductory course. Well planned, enabling students to interact and take baby steps into this really powerful language. Smart, casual and yet precise lessons will help you to go through the initial necessary steps in the language, building a fundamental base where you will construct your python coding skills!. Loved it. Platform quizzes and assignments help you make progress and push you to review your notes and the book content, enabling you to feel comfortable with the speed of the lessons. Thanks to Chuck and the Teaching Staff of Python for Everybody!

by Syed A A


It is initially difficult to follow any course regularly on any online teaching website. I have tried studying various courses on coursera before but I usually ended up in leaving the course. This is the first course I completed and I am really happy. Professor has really put lot of effort in teaching the course and also tried to make it fun. Thumbs up to Professor Charles Severance! However this course is really meant for someone who was never exposed to programming. As I have had some exposure, I increased the playback speed to 1.5x (So thumbs up to Coursera as well ! )

by Xavier d


Very happy with this course, Charles' passion shows and I appreciated the "let's not rush things and step back a bit" approach which makes us think things through and therefore provides a deeper understanding of the concepts covered.

Charles' tuition is logical, easy, relaxed and actually fun to follow, I would definitely recommend this course to anyone wanting to start having a basic "coding culture", also I believe that being capable of instructing a computer to do something with the clearest, shortest and simplest instructions can be useful for any training exercise.

by Christine D A


Mr.Charles not only entertained me throughout the course with his Harry Potter references and mini jokes that he slipped in throughout the material but also managed to keep me going whenever I stumbled by reassuring me that "when my code breaks, it doesn't mean that I will fail as a programmer". "Python just needs a little help!" :D Thank you for this wonderful, easy to follow, interesting and informative course which was taught in a way that simplified concepts ,so much so, that it became extremely easy to remember! Looking forward to the next part of this course! :)

by Sha W


I have seen and tried quite a few coursera courses and this one was especially engaging and helpful. The lecturer clearly has lots of experience and it's easy to stay focused. I never get bored from his videos. The assignment difficulty might have been a little more consistent. While the first ones barely took me a minute, the final one took me a few weeks and even today I don't understand why the tiny changes I've made have had such different results. I would like to know more about that.

I'm going for all the other courses in this specialization. Really enjoyed this.

by James M B


This is a great opportunity to learn some excellent skills in a language that is powerful yet easy enough to learn the basics. I enjoyed every moment of this class. I learned a lot about python and Charles Severance (Dr. Chuck) provides an excellent learning experience why presenting the material in a concise, structured and fun manner. I'm pursuing all 5 (even the capstone course) courses to earn the specialization in an up and coming language I feel we will see more apps being developed in the Python Language. Thanks Doctor Chuck and the University of Michigan!

by Rocio d C


An excellent course, very clear with the precise information that help me to understand the issue and learn beyond, thanks to the course material.

Chuck, the teacher, is an excellent transmitter of knowledge

I highly recommend it.



Un curso excelente, muy claro y con el material preciso para entender el tema y aprender más de la cuenta.

Chuck, el profesor es excelente transmisor del conocimiento

Lo recomiendo ampliamente.


by Chadi S N


Dr. Charles definitely delivers what he promised by the very title of the course "Programming for Everybody". I've taken 2 or 3 programming classes at school but none of them seemed as meaningful as this one. Dr. Charles walks you step by step to understand, think, and make sense of all the information he's stating not to mention the well-thought approach of having assignments and sample programs to figure out their code on your own.If you're into learning programming and you think that it's an alien's language or whatever, trust me this class will change your view.

by Aitor J G


It's an awesome introductory course specially designed in a way that everybody can easily understand all the classes. I don't have a technological background and I'm pretty confident to say that the course can be easily undertaken in 1 week or two weeks if you have easy with absorbing new content and if you like it, so that you can move on to the next one and do other courses more advanced. Also this is easily a course that can be leveraged to other machine learning related courses in which python is the most common tool. With that said I wish you the best of luck !

by Deleted A


Dear Dr. Chuck! Thank you VERY MUCH for the most outstanding course I've had so far. Your sense of humor and your eagerness to teach are the most valuable things in this course. They transfer studying into a fun and interesting process.

This course is very good for the beginners with completely no knowledge about what programming is. I think that people who know one or more programming languages may wish to have more changeable tasks and learning.

Seven weeks for the course may seem too long but nobody restricts you from rushing forward.

See you in the next course!

by Jaffer G


This was an excellent beginner level course for Python. Though I had prior coding/programming experience with MATLAB, I learnt new and interesting things from the perspective of a computer science course. I also have to say this was the first course that I successfully completed on Coursera which is a reflection of the interesting course material and the enthusiasm shown by Dr. Charles Severance in his videos. I particularly enjoyed the last assignment. I will definitely try to complete the specialization from here. Thank you Coursera, UMichigan and Dr. Severance!

by Senem Y


Since i started this course on coursera my point of view about programming has changed .I was struggeling so bad about understanding and writing all the codes.However with this course it became much more easier than ever.I am so thankful to take it.I thank especially to Charles Severance because with his course programming became fun and enjoyable topic for me.It was not like any class i took on my university.I havent bored even a second.Thank to coursera and to Michigan University also to give me the chance to reach this course from the other part of the world.

by Zafrin M


Love Dr. Chuck. He makes the class fun and interactive. This a probably the best call to take if you are thinking about learning programming (in any language). Python is very intuitive and easy to learn. it will give you a sense of how to think like a computer.

The best tip I can give someone who is serious about actually learning the material is the following:

1. watch the lectures, take notes

2. read the book, play with interactive python in your computer, look at python documentations, as necessary.

4. Do all the exercises from the book

5. Do the course assignments

by Paloma A d O


I never had a programming class that covers really the base of the basics in such a deep and easy to understand way, not taking for granted many things. Professor Charles Severance has a great sense of humour (it looks like you are talking to him in person, it's not something spectacular for the camera) and very generous showing his team, amplifying knowledge through interviewing many interesting people. Exercises were very helpful to understand the chapters. Would appreciate if could have more exercises (not for grade, but for practicing).

Super recommend it!

by Mahesh G C


Excellent course for the beginners in Python. Well managed and easy to understand with given examples. Asking the assignments which is the best way to understand how much we have learn. I will definitely refer this course to others also. At the start of this course I do not have any knowledge about the python. But after completing this course now I know the basic and some advanced topics of python. Now I am able to write and run the program in python. Thanks to instructor sir for explaining this course in a very different and understandable way. Thanks a lot.

by Yaroslav K


It's my one of two first online courses. I really liked the way of Dr Chuck's teaching. I taught Swift 4 by myself last year. That's why a lot of things I found familiar to me. But on another hand I've covered some deep programming (logic) details that I didn't know before.

I think that's such way of learning is much more efficient than studying something just by a book or documentation (of course it's better to combine and use as much additional info as possible).

Would could be done better? You could add built-in questions into videos for more interactions.