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This course is for users who want to learn how to write SAS programs to access, explore, prepare, and analyze data. It is the entry point to learning SAS programming for data science, machine learning, and artificial intelligence. It is a prerequisite to many other SAS courses. By the end of this course, you will know how to use SAS Studio to write and submit SAS programs that access SAS, Microsoft Excel, and text data. You will know how to explore and validate data, prepare data by subsetting rows and computing new columns, analyze and report on data, export data and results to other formats, use SQL in SAS to query and join tables. Prerequisites: Learners should have experience using computer software. Specifically, you should be able to understand file structures and system commands on your operating systems and access data files on your operating systems. No prior SAS experience is needed....



Provides an amazing foundation in SAS as a programmer/data analyst! It covers a lot of important topics to get you started using SAS in real world. It exceeded my expectations, highly recommend it!


This course offers a solid foundation to anyone who is interested in beginning to use SAS. I have found the demos, activites and practices to be fairly easy yet still required me to use my brain.


Getting Started with SAS Programming: 76 - 100 / 414 レビュー

by Boda M


I loved the course and the structure and I got good hands on practice in sas using the activities and practice sessions in the course.

by Jobin J


Topics in the course was explained in a step by step manner with lots of demos that helped me to understand those concepts. Thank you!

by Robert R


Material presented in an easy to understand way. Intense enough to challenge learning but not so difficult to become discouraging.

by Sean B


Good course, plenty of practice exercises and activities to dive into. The work/practice environment is authentic SAS interface.



Beautifuly explained. The videos are brief to the point and continuous activities with simple tasks make learning easy and fast.

by Ali F


This course is amazing, starts from scratch and teaches with baby steps, and comes with very practical quizzes. Amazing course!

by Cesar O P R


This has a good introduction for SAS programming. The way the topics are presented are useful for the purposes of the learning.

by Jing Z


I really learned the foundation of SAS programming. The course if well-structured. Hope it can help with my job-hunting! Woot!

by Cheng-Yi L


It is a well-organized and well-instructed course. I am glad that I took this class to pave my way of being a SAS programmer.

by Subba R


This course really helped me learn basics of SAS programming. Thank you Coursera and SAS for providing great course content.

by Francina V T


Great course, separated into easily digestible logical chunks with great practises and quizes to ensuer you learn properly.

by Sanket J


Excellent course. Brilliant teaching. Very responsive assistance on groups regarding queries. Very pleased with the course.

by Abhishek R


The course structure , the exercises the support forum, everything is excellent. The best online course I have ever taken

by Jagrati S


A perfect interactive course to learn SAS. The tutor was very nice and explained things as simply as she could. Thankyou.

by Yu-Hung C


This course provides very detailed learning progress and resources. I extremely recommend this course for SAS beginners!

by Hui W


well organized study materials and easy to follow. More importantly, the staff are very helpful and respond very fast.

by Nilvargues B


Não tenho palavras por estar tão feliz com este progresso. O curso é muito bom e não tem como não aprender. Perfeito!

by Shardai J


Loved the course! Loved the actual hands on practice problems to do throughout the course. Cant wait to learn more!

by Wing K K N


I rated this course 5 stars because the course is well structured with many hands-on activities using SAS Studio.

by Soumabrata S


The course was thorough with hands-on assignments. It helped me understand the functioning of SAS with very ease.

by Alvens A


The teacher is excellent. Congratulations to the whole team and thank you. I have solid SAS skills thanks to you

by Aditya S N


This is the best course I have ever done. It gives much knowledge to understand the basics of SAS Programming.

by Rhyxian L


Stacey Syphus is a very good instructor. She explained everything clearly and makes the course easy to follow!

by Vishnu P


A very interesting course which teaches you SAS from basics and which is more interesting . Thanks to coursera

by Rimsha K


Extremely comprehensive course. Beginners must take this course, it covers all the basics of SAS programming.