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Master the technical skills needed to analyze financial statements and disclosures for use in financial analysis, and learn how accounting standards and managerial incentives affect the financial reporting process. By the end of this course, you’ll be able to read the three most common financial statements: the income statement, balance sheet, and statement of cash flows. Then you can apply these skills to a real-world business challenge as part of the Wharton Business Foundations Specialization....




I took Brian Bushee's course and found him to be one of the BEST INSTRUCTORS I'VE EVER HAD IN MY ENTIRE LIFE. If you've had trouble with accounting courses in the past, HE IS THE INSTRUCTOR FOR YOU!!!



The course is very easy to understand, and most importantly it is fun to learn accounting! I find this course covers basic yet comprehensive contents compared to other basic accounting online courses.


Introduction to Financial Accounting: 301 - 325 / 1,750 レビュー

by Andrew K


This is a great course, and Professor Brian Bushee is organized and skilled at teaching. I enjoyed the virtual students, and learned a lot from the style of introducing the material and doing a variety of examples. Thanks for the helpful course!

by Lucia G V


Hello. I really loved this course. All the information and examples are very useful, also the perfect amount of time on each video is excellent. Moreover, the pinch of sense of humor from the teacher makes this course very enjoyable. Thank you.

by Tom S


Great course, I think that the last week could be more used to expand on cash flow and income statement construction instead of analysis, I did pretty much skip the last week because of that. Exams were quite challenging. Great course overall!

by Gautam A K


Introduction to Financial Accounting is a good course to gain some skills needed to analyze financial statements and disclosures for use in financial analysis. Professor Brian J Bushee keeps you engaged with his virtual students and good wits.

by Visweswara R


In terms of Value for the Money you Spend by way of Fee, it is the Best Online Course on Financial Accounting. The Professor draws you into the deeper arenas of the subject with ease & comfort and makes you yearn for more and more knowledge.

by Luciano P G


The content of the course is very well explained and shown. The professor has a very organized and didactic way of explaining the topics. I would recommend this course to everyone i know that want to learn more about financial accounting.

by Leon R


Great introductory course, which takes plenty of time to explain and discuss some of the more difficult concepts. Really loved the virtual students. They added great variety to the lessons and were used cleverly to expand on some topics.

by Yazeed A A


I recommend this course you will learn accounting like piece of cake :) .. What is good about this course is clear explanation and second is you will take at the end revisiting for completed course ,so sure You will get it in your mind .

by Dhananjay L


Great course ! The difficulty level increases gradually and Professor Bushee anticipates the possible questions and answers them through the virtual students. The classes are filled with nerdy jokes and humor which makes them engaging.

by yi z


a very good introduction in fundemental financial accounting and the professior is funny as well ,it will be wonderful exparence of studying with him and this course work for anyone who wish to learn about how accounting works in USA .

by Anna C


Informative, user-friendly, and entertaining. The professor made the topic accessible, even for beginners. I came away with a solid foundation in accounting and an improved ability to interpret financial statements. Highly recommended!

by Domingo R


Permite una comprensión sencilla de los aspectos básicos necesarios para la lectura de reportes financieros de empresas. Mediante el empleo de ejemplos prácticos el curso navega a través de los conceptos básicos del balance financiero.

by Washington D J


The best course I've had in Coursera so far, and I could say that is one of the best I've had in my life. Great professor Brian Bushee with structured and detailed classes and examples. I feel I really learned a lot from this course.

by Jay P


Professor Bushee made the course quite interesting. I think this is an apt course for someone from a science background like me who is new to accounting.

This course was a very helpful in making the basics of accounting quite simple.

by Ahmed B


The course is great, excellent. It is the the state of the art. It is also very informative and easy to comprehend. The animated students have made the course more realistic by asking some of the most frequent questions.

Thanks prof.



This is the first time i have taken a business course, and it was easy for me to understand. The course is straightforward with a lot of workable examples to make you understand the concepts. I especially love the virtual students.

by Tom M


The professor brings the matter in a funny way so that his lectures are engaging. The guide exercises with the professor as well as the practice tests are excellently developed to ensure the right things are understood. I loved it.

by Galaxie L


Excellent course for people who are trying to start a business and want to know where the cash is going, their financial statements and how to report taxes,, and how to read and make balance sheets amongst a lot of other stuff, etc

by Arslan H


I have no words to describe how much beneficial this course to me. this course really enhance my financial concepts and flourish my intellectual intelligence. Thanks a lot for such a brilliant teacher and education.. Arslan hameed

by Aman A


Extremely helpful and easy to learn. The way Mr. Brian explains every concept with easy to interpret examples is really helpful for us. I'd recommend this course to everyone who's looking to get a grasp of accounting from scratch.

by Jon O


This course was great! Coming in I had zero accounting knowledge, and now I have at least 1 or 2 accounting knowledges. The videos are well put together, and I really like the animated students. Very informative and funny course!

by David S


This course was about as entertaining as a Financial Accounting course could get. I enjoyed the virtual students and the professor's sense of humor. Oh and it was extremely informative. Great crash course in Financial Accounting.

by Tanisha J


This course definitely helped me learn some basic concepts of financial accounting. I believe I know the basic terms, there meaning and usage. I am confident now that I can read and understand financial statements to some level.

by Victor H M


Professor's knowledge is very impressive. I had fun and made the course easy to learn. Although, he has some tricky questions in the quizzes that made earn the grade. I liked him and hope to have him again as my professor soon.

by Gokul K


A great learning experience and highly engaging contents and possibly one of the best presentation I have experienced. The course did provide an excellent foundation to accounting for learners like me who are new to the subject.