Preparing to Secure Your Startup Funding with Pitch Canvas


Perform adequate preparation to secure funding for your startup in a structured and visualized one page canvas

Highlight the key factors of your business plan in a short pitch to convince the investor to invest in your startup

Prepare adequately to respond to any question that the investors might ask about your startup funding

2 Hours

By the end of this guided project, you will be able to use the Pitch Canvas to make adequate preparation for your startup funding pitch. The Pitch Canvas is an entrepreneurial brainstorming framework that help you to structure and visualize your pitch in one page. The canvas is most effective for pitch preparation that is not more than 10 minutes. The goal is to highlight the key factor of your business plan while leaving the details to the subsequent meeting that might require extensive pitch. The canvas helps you to focus on the important point by convincing the investors that your business is worth investing in, and also to prepare for questions they might likely asked. For us to practically demonstrate the application of the Canvas for pitch preparation, we will use a Fintech startup company as a case study to conduct the analysis. Example of the case study would empower you with the skillset to apply the framework to your startup, or any other venture of your choice. The project is for entrepreneurs who want to secure funding for their startups. Also, for intrapreneurs and project managers who need to convince key stakeholder for funding a project or new venture. At the end of the project, you will be able to use the canvas to deliver a result-oriented pitch for your startup or project


  • strategy

  • Entrepreneurship

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  • Innovation

  • Leadership



  1. Task 1: Introduction: By the end of this task, you will explain the essence of using the pitch canvas

  2. Task 2: Statement and Pain: By the end of this task, you will state what stand you out, and the pain you’re solving

  3. Task 3: Product and Demo: By the end of this task, you will express your product feature, and demonstrate its application

  4. Task 4: What’s Unique and Traction: By the end of this task, you will differentiate your product, and highlight your customer traction

  5. Task 5: Business Model and Investment: By the end of this task, you will provide your business model, and the investment requirement

  6. Task 6: Team and Call to Action: By the end of this task, you will state who is on your team, provide closing statement, and call for action

  7. Task 7: Why You? By the end of this task, you will express your motivation for driving the venture