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This course continues your study of calculus by focusing on the applications of integration to vector valued functions, or vector fields. These are functions that assign vectors to points in space, allowing us to develop advanced theories to then apply to real-world problems. We define line integrals, which can be used to fund the work done by a vector field. We culminate this course with Green's Theorem, which describes the relationship between certain kinds of line integrals on closed paths and double integrals. In the discrete case, this theorem is called the Shoelace Theorem and allows us to measure the areas of polygons. We use this version of the theorem to develop more tools of data analysis through a peer reviewed project. Upon successful completion of this course, you have all the tools needed to master any advanced mathematics, computer science, or data science that builds off of the foundations of single or multivariable calculus....



Calculus through Data & Modelling: Vector Calculus: 1 - 4 / 4 レビュー

by Nguyen D L


I love the video lecture. This class gave me the confidence to explain vector calculus to my son. The subject I was very lousy at back in college.

Thank you professor Cutrone and the staffs at John Hopkins

by Tino v d H


This is an excellent course to learn advanced calculus. Very well taught!

by Carlos H G C B


Muy practico y divertido

by 胡启阳


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