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Chronic pain is at epidemic levels and has become the highest-cost condition in health care. This course uses evidence-based science with creative and experiential learning to better understand chronic pain conditions and how they can be prevented through self-management in our cognitive, behavioral, physical, emotional, spiritual, social, and environmental realms. The goal of this course is to blend creative, experiential, and evidence-based teaching strategies to help participants understand chronic pain conditions and how a human systems approach can be applied to self-management strategies to reduce risk factors, enhance protective factors, and prevent chronic pain. There are four major objectives to the course; 1. Describe the prevalence, personal impact, and health care dilemma associated with chronic pain. 2. Recognize the clinical characteristics and underlying etiology of several common pain conditions and the peripheral, central, and genetic mechanisms of chronic pain 3. Based on the literature associated with risk and protective factors in the seven realms of our lives, learn specific strategies in each realm that can be employed daily to prevent chronic pain and enhance wellness. 4. Appreciate the value of a human systems approach to health care and how it can provide a basis for integrative, interdisciplinary, and individualized care to preventing pain and enhancing wellness. CONTINUING EDUCATION CREDIT Health Care Professionals Health care professionals who participate in this CE activity may submit this certificate statement of participation to their appropriate accrediting organizations or state boards for consideration of credit. The participant is responsible for determining whether this activity meets the requirements for acceptable continuing education. Email your Coursera certificate statement of completion to your appropriate organization....




This course has also made me self aware of my risk factors and how to improve my acute pain before it becomes chronic. It was very informative and rich in details and tools. Thank you.



very interesting perpective for both patients and healthcare workers- Once again highlighting the need for interprofessional teamwork that centers around the individual patient


Preventing Chronic Pain: A Human Systems Approach: 1 - 25 / 107 レビュー

by Tammy R


The best course I have taken on Coursera. As a person with multiple illnesses I experience pain of many types. The course taught me the reasons for different types of pain as well as techniques to help. The many dimension's of pain management were a great reminder of what I knew as well as adding to my knowledge. The videos and outlines give you what you need to pass the course yet they provide articles, research data, links and handouts to use if you desire. There is also a follow along with a novel that I still have to finish. I have recommended the course to many of my doctors already. It has spurred me to reassess MY role in my health and look for areas I have not been developing. As a result I am starting a support group for people with chronic physical illness in my area.

by Patricia J K


This course put into perspective what I have felt all along about the current health care system. It is broken in some areas and seriously fractured in others. It needs an overhaul. I agree wholeheartedly with all the training I have received in this course. I now how skills to help myself with my chronic pain and better knowledge about self care and my responsibility to help myself. I am so glad I took this course.

by Emily K


The only "bothersome" piece was that the first presenter continually introduced himself, over and over, telling us where he is teaching, etc. I liked him but wow, no need to do that as a waste of my time and boring, too! I loved the course, though, and it helped me personally and tremendously, a plethora of valuable information in it!

by Ulrike S


This was such an eye-opener and so very, very motivational. I liked the presentations of all modules, especially the cartoons, music clips and the quotes. Also, I liked the variety of instructors and the experiential modules which let me try out mindfulness, meditation and breathing. A great class which I highly recommend!

by Sho S


This course is very professional and focused, professional doctors, a lot of information and valuable details. I learned a lot beyond the chronic pain, making a treatment plan , trigger points, and the 7 realms. As a cupping therapist , THIS WAS THE BEST I HAVE EVER LEARNED. I AM GRATEFUL!

by Rajendra J


This is a wonderful course. It is designed for patients as well as healthcare providers. I am sure it will help many people and facilitate the process of transformation in the way we deal with this major problem. Thanks again for making it available for general public and professionals.

by Ada P Q N


A wonderful experience, a course well planned and structured, and with the best human resource, I will miss this enriching experience. Thank you for helping me to improve and to love each day more my work and to help many people, just as you have helped me .... infinite thanks ....

by Laine D


Great holistic course delivering an integrative healthcare methodology wrapped around preventative factors and risk factors for chronic pain. Lots of new insight even with my education. I only hope that all primary care physicians receive this training.



An interesting and well organized seminar about the relatively novel idea of holistic patient-centered approach for chronic pain management. Evenly distributed material and thought-provoking presentations.

by Milltown M


As a Therapeutic Massage Therapist, this was a great course to have to go more in-depth into different pain conditions and taking a holistic approach to them.

by Neil C


Excellent course with a broad perspective on applying the principles of transformative health care to the prevention and management of chronic pain.

by Lorrie R


I appreciate the information shared. The patient interviews. I found good clinical advise in the course.

by Jonah K


As an epidemiologist, this course could not come at a better time than now. Muchas gracias.

by Jane W


This course has helped me understand my role in dealing with my chronic pain.

by Bryony


I found the course very interesting and easy to digest

by Anna E


Very comprehensive course. Some elements reall

by Miguel S C


Amazing information, loving everything so far

by Kestas J


Very, very useful and interesting course!

by Shaun P


good content, but very American

by Paul D


I thought that this was one of the best, most insightful medically-oriented classes that I have ever taken and I absolutely LOVE the "Human Systems Approach". Although I personally do not have any pain whatsoever, this course has helped me to relate better to friends and acquaintance who do have chronic pain. Even before completing the course, I found myself recommending that others not only take this course but also check out the International Myopain Society to address some of their chronic pain issues. I believe in "mind over matter" and the part of the course indicating that the "placebo effect" accounts for 30-40% of patient improvements did not completely surprise me but what did surprise me was that medical evidence in double-bind control tests support that position. I would highly recommend this class.

by Joseph S


A​s a physical therapy student, I highly recommend this course for any healthcare provider who is interested in chronic pain and/or for any patients out there who are suffering from chronic pain. Dr. Fricton really goes into the WHY people may develop chronic pain conditions and how all of us can do our part in combating chronic pain and transforming our healthcare system more of a transformative healthcare model.

by Daniel O


It was a great course explaining various solutions of chronic pain, their causes and remedies that we can apply in our health care system and introduce modern ways by amalgamation of traditional and scientific ways that helps the most in healing the patients. I recommend all other people involved in Health Professional to take this course and implement those remedies in their treatment.

by Ramazan Ö


First of all, I would like to thank all the trainers, especially Dr.Fricton. It was a very good and informative training. As a physiotherapist, I added a new knowledge to my knowledge and broadened my professional perspective. I learned new approaches to patient approach and treatment. So thank you again to all the instructors and Coursera.

by Zlatica S H


T​his is an excellent and comprehensive course that teaches all you need to know about the onset, development and establishemtn of chronic pain and then how to deal with it. The video lectures are manageable length and reading material is detailed and useful. It is one of the best courses I have taken on Coursera. Highly recommended.

by Syed M S


It is an excellent course. his course course opens up an avenue for me to have a deeper concepts in the field of chronic pain management. And I am applying the knowledge in my chamber to handle the patients of chronic painpain, specially TMJ, Fibromyalgia, HMyofacial ain syndrome, eadache, Osteoarthritis etc.