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IBM による IBM COBOL Data and File Management の受講者のレビューおよびフィードバック


Welcome to IBM COBOL – Data and File Management! By enrolling in this course, you are taking a big step in increasing your knowledge and hands on experience with IBM COBOL data and file management. In this course, you will learn the fundamental elements of COBOL code. You will learn the process of working with COBOL data. You will learn handling COBOL files. This course also relational databases in a mainframe, COBOL context. So let’s get started!...

IBM COBOL Data and File Management: 1 - 3 / 3 レビュー

by Robert


There was alot of reading.

by Sergio S



Looks like the instructor didn't wanted to prepare this course, all the contents are lkinks to "readings" which various no lopnger exists, questions in quizes which makes no sense or simply wrong, for example: Question: This clause identifies a file in the COBOL program to be associated with an external data set. Expected "SELECT" but is wrong because SELECT is a STATEMENT not CLAUSE!

Question: How do you program COBOL to identify an index-name? "Correct" option "You create an index by using the INDEXED BY phrase of the OCCUR clause to identify an index-name." "OCCUR" clause? and is SELECT STATEMENT!

Finally: this course does not teach you how to program in COBOL, is 99% theory. Shame IBM!

by Harold M


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