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Design and Build a Data Warehouse for Business Intelligence Implementation, University of Colorado System



The capstone course, Design and Build a Data Warehouse for Business Intelligence Implementation, features a real-world case study that integrates your learning across all courses in the specialization. In response to business requirements presented in a case study, you’ll design and build a small data warehouse, create data integration workflows to refresh the warehouse, write SQL statements to support analytical and summary query requirements, and use the MicroStrategy business intelligence platform to create dashboards and visualizations. In the first part of the capstone course, you’ll be introduced to a medium-sized firm, learning about their data warehouse and business intelligence requirements and existing data sources. You’ll first architect a warehouse schema and dimensional model for a small data warehouse. You’ll then create data integration workflows using Pentaho Data Integration to refresh your data warehouse. Next, you’ll write SQL statements for analytical query requirements and create materialized views to support summary data management. Finally, you will use MicroStrategy OLAP capabilities to gain insights into your data warehouse. In the completed project, you’ll have built a small data warehouse containing a schema design, data integration workflows, analytical queries, materialized views, dashboards and visualizations that you’ll be proud to show to your current and prospective employers....


by DD

Jun 28, 2016

Awesome content ,very well drafted and explained course content. I am thankful to the coursera team, who has discovered such kind of really good course and specialization.

by PN

Dec 09, 2016

Excellent contemporary course content and hands on course. Recommended for everyone who wants start or change into exciting career in DWBI.



by Daniel Meyer

Aug 22, 2018

far too few students who rate your work - you always need to wait very long for reviews

by Paul Gauci

Aug 13, 2018

Very good except for the fact you had to wait for certain course aspects until the mark is officially given

by Qiao Ding

Oct 20, 2017

Very practical and useful

by Carlos Palomino

Oct 17, 2017

good and challenge

by Roberto Tellez Ibarra

Oct 09, 2017

Excellent Specialization. I will recommend this course to all my friends.

by Matthew Devaney

Oct 03, 2017

I loved the 1st 4 weeks of this capstone course which focused on data warehouse design, data integration and writing queries. All of the assignments were challenging but fair. Unfortunately, I do not feel the same way about the data visualization module. The sample dashboards provided are not well done enough to be used in a professional setting.


Jul 17, 2017

Great specialization, extenuates assessments, Oracle, ETL, and Microstrategy Excelent softwares, great challenge

by Daniel Berry

Mar 06, 2017

Unclear, ambiguous direction and material that is unhelpful for building the final project

by Kasani Prabhakar

Feb 12, 2017

Very useful,I will Recommend this course to my fellow mates .

by Małgorzata Jedrasik

Feb 11, 2017

Excelent course. Much of your time will be needed to do the assignments.