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Through a series of engaging metaphors and stories, prospective and current EFL/ESL teachers will identify, summarize, and evaluate 7 basic language learning paradigms. Learners will be presented information on such foundational principles as motivation, risk taking, two different modes of learning, and balancing the teacher profession. Learners are also given an understanding of basic techniques founded on those principles, such as teacher talk, looking “ridiculous” in order to lower the affective filter, and networking. With these foundational principles in mind, ESL/EFL teachers will scrutinize common assumptions about language learning by comparing how they stack up to research-based core principles....
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Great course! Nice content and great presentation of the material. Useful not only for ESL teachers, but for all language teachers and even for teachers in general. Thank you for creating this course!



This is a very useful course as I begin my studies to prepare to teach English abroad. ASU is a recognized university and the price is very reasonable. I look forward to the next course in the series.


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by Karen S


For a university class there are some things missing: the Leitner vocabulary learning method is only once briefly mentioned. That has to get properly referenced since it continues to be the most important vocabularly learning method as of today. If it is taught later then that should be said. If not, it has to get taught. There is no emphazis that at first for a while vocabularly learning is part of school style language learning. There is too much emphazise on being the fool and the clown for students. That is over-done & over-dramatic. Parents / students pay good money for language learning classes. They want a sophisticated good teacher and not clowns & fools. He also gives a wrong picture of the French language prof Francois Gouin who learnt German in Germany for one year without speaking to people. Dr. Dixon portrays him as a loser. The truth is that he successfully translated German literature during that year and then developed new language learning methods that continue to be foundational for all new language learning curriculum development around the world. I just had the priviledge to experience that with a special development of Hebrew Level A where I became so proficient after 4 months that I was able to actively do research in Hebrew with the on-line environment. These methods should be taught and not dismissed. Some of the students only paraphrazed his wrong views about all of that in the assignments without having learnt the real achievements of this language professor. In one exam, it gives a wrong when one marks text books for the on-line enviroment. That was years ago when textbooks were not available on-line. That has changed now. There are a lot of text books on-line now. Dr. Dixon puts language learning down at the beginning of this class and claims that only language acquisition is good. In the summary, both presenters say that learning and acquisition must be balanced. I agree with that. That should be taught right from the beginning. He leaves out language learning for translators, for ancient languages and for those who want to become language researchers. They have to study far more structure, form and grammar for years. Since this is a university level, things like that should be mentioned. There is a lot of room in this class to add these things. The lengthy film credits after each lecture are annoying and should be cut out. One placement at the end of this class is sufficient and use that time for the above mentioned information. I will research it myself in order to receive the correct information. The candle diagram at the end of the class is really good. I agree with that a language teacher is a candle and language is fire. Be careful not to give out wrong information since it can burn one somewhere down the line since teaching language is a cake. Dr. Dixon should make sure that he gets his cake receipe up-dated. There are linguists around the world who know about these contributions of these two linguistic experts who have made siginificant contributions to language learning that continue to be highly valid and would look at him as a fool.

by Eugene P


A great start for anyone dreaming about becoming a certified English teacher. Basic principles laconically explained in high-quality videos by a very charismatic professional. Interesting and enlightening concepts helping to look at teaching from a different angle and enrich your own process of doing the job. Unfortunately, there are disadvantages to this too. For anybody whose English is C1 and higher this course will be a little undemanding. Weeks in the course consist of only several short videos and text lectures. But, as I have put it, this course is for beginners and, mostly, for foreigners whose goal is to teach English abroad and get a certificate as fast as possible. Another thing, probably the most crucial for me is lack of feedback from professional teachers regarding evaluation of essays. Your work is evaluated by your peers the majority of which are, firstly, not so well versed in English, making myriads of mistakes along the way without a second thought to correcting them, and, secondly, do not really care about the amount of work you put into your essays. It was quite common to see dry, simplistic "Good." comments without any proper critique. This, of course, does not encompass each and everybody enrolled to this course and has nothing to do with the very course itself, but this is the picture I dealt with most of the time having my essays reviewed. Anyways, the course is worthwhile and will definitely help you.

by Rey H


I have just finished the first course of this specialization. I don't expect it all to be as easy as this was for me. I'd say the coolest thing, the way I see it is that, throughout the whole course, they never talked about grammar or rules, rather about how we learn best; how students are affected by teachers; pitfalls of teacher burnout, how to's a few, and how not to, yes, but they mostly stayed toward the positive. Sure, there were some things which might be a little exclusively for language teaching, but I'd say, more, really, the things they explained were about teaching and learning in general. Anyway, I can get that grammar stuff out of books , on the net, or even on the Youtube. It's what makes me a good or a better or a worse or a useless teacher I want to learn. And up until NOW, it's exactly THAT they've been helping me with. One real waker-upper was when they suggested that neither the world, nor the classroom is ever (and never going to be) perfect. THAT was a load off my mind, and one of the most encouraging teacher helps I've EVER had: like, "Don't look at what you don't have, but what you DO have is what makes you a "professional"! (even if the lights go out!) Many Thanks! ---Rey Hudson

by Huế N


I am so happy because this the first time I have commited to finish a course, which encouraged me to keep persistent to pursue online leaerning.

Do you know, prior this course, I was quite worried about my ability both english capacity and teaching experience to finish this course. However, with an useful series of video and practical assignments, I could gain the deep insight into the teaching techniques and methodologies. I appreciate Mr Sane with his sense of humor and great knowledge because he inspired me a lot. Some assignments gave me a golden opportunity not only to receive peers' feedbacks but also broaden my horizon from review theirs.

However, I think that discussing forums should be updated and developed to work. Because when I had look on this forum, I rarely find any open topic realted to the lessons, instead of some posts that urge readers to view and appreciate their assignments, Besides, I think it could be better for learners to have a wide variety of materials and resources to brush up on and enrich knowledge.

Anyway, thank ASU and professionals so much for your time and efforts. I will try my best to earn the whole ESL certificate.

by Albertha B


This was a fun and exciting course. As a practicing teacher it was a great refresher for me and could make the connections necessary to help me along. The pace was not bad, The content was presented in a way that most people would enjoy. Dr. Dixon was a great model, he practiced what he spoke of. the metaphors were refreshing and gave me new insight to how I should view learning on a whole. Mrs./Ms. Haraway assisted by emphasizing the points discussed in the preceding videos were grasped. ty

On the other hand I wish that more time was spent on the theorists that would help learners who were not teachers understand better and make the connections between the cognitive processes and the acquisition of language or any content for that matter. I would also have appreciated small group interactions as some others courses do as group assignments and i wish that there was direct feedback from the tutors . I think that it would help authenticate the course even more.

I am grateful for the opportunity afforded to me .

by Thandiwe L


Dr. Dixon was very engaging. The examples, metaphors, and illustrations were entertaining and helpful. The doses of each module were just right. The technology could be worked on. There were times I finished videos but did not watch the credits and so the video was marked as not finished. The program should accept a video task as complete once you pass the content parts of the videos. The same for the quizzes. There were times that I finished the quiz but I did not select them button to go to the next item. Therefore, those quizzes were marked as unfinished and I had to do them over again. It would be good if the program did an autosave of your progress. Other than that, great setup with the peer reviews and opportunities to submit video.

by Alejandra R


I would highly recommend this course to anyone who has little experience or really needs to learn classroom strategies for teaching language, or even teaching in general. I'm not giving it 5 stars because even though I can't say I didn't learn anything from it (I did), 39.99 per course for a few courses (is it 3, 4 total?) is a little much for me. I was seeking something for my professional development, I don't regret it. The teacher in this is very clear and charismatic, the information is easy to understand and never boring, and the strategies and theory, which is only discussed lightly (with additional resources) is extremely useful. I understand why it's a paid course, but it's pricey for my teacher salary.

by Paul J M


Although much of the content seems common sense it is probably necessary to build a common foundation here for later courses. The peer assessments are potentially interesting but, in practice, the majority are so trivial--3 or 4 sentences repeating back material from the lectures--as to be hardly worth reading. Since there is no real qualitative assessment in the peer grading, the work put in by a minority is not acknowledged nor the shortcomings of many highlighted.

The instructor is unbelievably upbeat and animated which some will love and others. . . not. I tend to be in the latter camp but recognise this may be due to cultural differences or simply that I'm a boring old sod!

by Dicle Ç


I think it's a really good opportunity to be able to obtain a TESOL certificate online and this course seems to be able to do it very efficiently. However, I have found the approach of the style of the lessons a little bit slow and too dramatic- and somewhat even childish. I'm sure the planning of this certificate program is to ensure that people who take it will remember it so that they can really make use of it in their profession- so they probably avoided long and boring lectures. But still, I must admit that the lessons look a little bit annoying sometimes :) Still, thank you for the opportunity.

by Ahmed N Z E


Excellent and 'delicious slice of cake' of an introductory course - couldn't be happier to embark on my teaching journey (I'm switching careers to the teaching profession & become an English language instructor) with this group of brilliant passionate, no-doubt hardworking instructors, whom I wish all the best in everything in their lives as well as all course classmates & takers, & readers of this review - looking forward to course 2 out of 8! Can hardly wait (rhyme) all good I anticipate ;) PS. I gave a 4-star rating; I never give full-ratings because there's always room for improvement.



The course is helpful in providing the right mindset for becoming a language teacher. I learned a lot of techniques that I have started using with some of my students. I think the course can improve on its exercises and activities. It would be nice to have more essay activities instead of just objective quizzes (although they're very helpful in remembering). A good exercise would be interactive essay responses; instead of just providing a review for someone else's response to the essential assumption, you can provide a "response to the response," in order to start a dialogue or discussion.

by Seddik B


This course was and still is a great start for individuals who want to start their teaching carriers. It contains amazing videos, readings and assignments. The missing 'STAR" was for the peer graded assignments. Even though my assignments were graded in a short time by my friends and peers, others really had to wait a bit longer. But their assignments were graded finally. To sum up, I recommend you to enroll in this course as well as to the other five courses by AZU.

by David L A


The course is good enough--a means to an end. The 4-part, six weeks apart format is kind of bothersome because the wait period sort of dampens the momentum and enthusiasm created during the first course (especially if you complete the whole thing in a week-end). The course is well put together and infused with a little humor. The visuals are good and if you're in the right mood, the course is enjoyable and ifun to interact with folks from around the world.

by Ken M


This is a fun, informative and helpful class for anyone wanting to become an effective language teacher. It's a nice mix of best practices and proven techniques that really work. I'm more confident and encouraged by this constructive approach toward teaching teachers how to most effectively help and motivate adult students to learn a new language. The ASU presenters and content team are very knowledgeable and passionate about teaching.