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The second course of the specialization EVALUATING PROBLEMS will show you how humans think and how to utilize different disciplinary approaches to tackle problems more effectively. It advances your knowledge of your own field by teaching you to look at it in new ways. EVALUATING PROBLEMS is constructed in the following way: Week I. “Thinking about Thinking” – How problem solving evolved in nature, how the mechanics of our brains work, and the psychological biases that can emerge when we think. Week II. “Philosophy, Science, and Problem Solving” – How humans have historically approached problem solving, from ancient times to the present. Week III. “Approaching Problems in the Natural Sciences” – How people in the natural sciences deconstruct problems. Week IV. “Statistics and Problem Solving” – How statistics can be used to evaluate problems and think critically. Week V. “Approaching Problems in the Humanities” – How people in the social sciences and humanities deconstruct problems. Week VI. “Evaluating the Anthropocene” – How to evaluate the problems of the Anthropocene....




Opens up our mind to understand and evaluate problems caused by various disciplines .



Wonderfully designed with easy understanding presentations


Evaluating Problems: 1 - 12 / 12 レビュー

by Daniel H


I am quitting this specialization/courses. The presentations were very light on actual information/teaching. I tried skipping ahead to see if there was something more meaningful about solving complex problems, and, while I did not check all the courses and modules, I didn't find much that seemed helpful to me. Honestly, the first parts seemed very set on promoting evolutionary theory.

by Bernard D V


I had difficulties to understand the concept of the first course of this specialisation. This one is great and I understand its purpose. Once again, the material is really impressive and I really liked it. The numerous discipline presented will be great for your general culture :)

by Maria A M D M


I loved this second course on the "Solving Complex Problems" roadmap.

It allows us to truly reflect on the problem we set in course 1 and to develop new areas of knowledge.

I truly enjoyed it!

by Venkatachala S N


Opens up our mind to understand and evaluate problems caused by various disciplines .

by Devisetty K


Wonderfully designed with easy understanding presentations

by Mohannad A


This is a great course. Thank you so much.

by AM


Insightful and Astounding

by Stephen C



by FJ K


The course and the teachers are really good. The material is very impressive. If you combine the four courses and choose a good topic, than every step leads to more and better understanding.

However, the peer grading aspect of this course isn't really working. I must have scored over thirty assignments before my own assignment got scored. There are probably more than thirty other studentes waiting for their final grade - the longest wait I encountered was 34 months.

Sure, if not many students follow the course at the same time, then it gets tougher to grade the assignments - I was lucky that it only took a month longer.

by Eli B


The course is great but it requires previous course in order to complete assignments

by Dr. S M


5 star for the course and 1 star for the delay in peer reviews

by dh


Was interesting in the diversity of the ideas and of course appreciate the amount of quality work done in this class, but I did not learn how to evaluate ideas. It was more of an exposure to big history and a few big problems.