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Welcome! This course is an introduction to the primary concepts of gaming, and an exploration of how these basic concepts affect the way gamers interact with our games. In this course you will understand what defines a “game” and the mechanics and rules behind different types of games. Through four linked assignments you'll learn ways to create and describe a game concept, and specifically what makes a compelling game. This course focuses on the conceptual underpinnings of games, and all assignments can be completed with a pencil and paper – no previous programming knowledge is required....



I really loved doing this course. Learnt how to make a simple game and make it really interesting! I loved how the easily the instructor was able to teach us and make us curious throughout the course.


The lecture videos from Professor Fran and his old friend were surprisingly entertaining. Kudos to the team because they were able to make it fun, informative, and engaging throughout the four weeks.


Introduction to Game Design: 201 - 225 / 673 レビュー

by Conrad B L


Really great course covering the basics of Game Design! Highly recommend to anyone new to the developing video games.

by Mikel D B


So far this course has been great, the lecturer is awesome and the videos are short enough to make you stay focused.

by Rodrigo G d C


Great content, nice way to get a basic notion of what it takes to creat a game, nice classes and method of learning,

by Maura P L


it was an interesting and fun experience. The teacher was very good at explaining and I loved learning each class.

by Andi A


Very interesting basic learning materials. Easy to understand and I think the scope of the materials are on point.

by Sonja M


This course was a really good introduction to the world of Game design and I really enjoyed the video lessons too!

by Yee I


It is a great start to understanding some of the basics of Game Design. And Fran's videos are always fun to watch.

by Brook


Captivating, clear, simple and informative. The professor does a phenomenal job introducing what makes a game fun.

by Deleted A


The course is helpful as a game designer in trainee, the community is friendly, and the assignments are fun to do.

by Michael G


Enjoyed the material and the exercises. Do not like having to wait for peer review material to become available.

by Shiloh K


This course provides a practical understanding of crafting a simple game, and is enjoyable to try out and learn.

by 王浩宇


To learn your most favorite major is the best thing in the world, tanks for teach me what I most need in my life

by Lucas Y


interesting and thought-provoking course for beginner, thanks to all the stuff who made this course, best luck!

by Alejandra " S


Amazing course! The teaches as well as the staff have managed to put together a fun and rich course. Well done!

by Sarah L


While it may seem basic to begin with, I found it a great course to lay the foundations for my own game design.

by 马海洋



This course used many simple examples to explain the idea that's more complicate, fun to learn.

by Bronson w L


I was nervous when coming into the course but the teacher was very nice and having a puppet was a great idea.

by Horváth B


It was cool with a nice teacher and good classmates. With this kind of videos it was fun to learn. I loved it

by Liv


You can tell a lot of love was put into this course. Tons of fun. Really informative and entertaining videos!

by Néstor P Q


The best teacher I've ever had, it's really easy to understand the concepts and the homeworks are really fun

by Marcin G


Clean, funny, entertaining, very educative. What do we need more? :-) Thank you Fran Krause for this course!

by Sarah E


It was fun to create a board game and improve it with the other student´s help. :) I reccomend this course.

by Carol A S


creative, interesting, fun. easy to understand and to apply to the assignment as well as anytime we create!

by 叶成荫


good tutorial helps me understand some basic game design rules. The feedback system is pretty good as well.

by Leo S


Surprisingly fun, and once the idea training got rolling on the game and theme is became pretty engaging.