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What is innovation management? How do firms bring in new business models and get new products and services to the market? Go on a nine-week journey through innovation management concepts, theories of idea generation, selection, strategy formulation and implementation in this MOOC in Innovation Management. In it, you will also learn the tools for implementing innovation projects yourself. Guided by world-class academics, you will develop an innovative mindset and expertise in how firms successfully create new ideas for marketing new products. The syllabus also includes sessions about innovation strategy, idea management and social networks. During this course, you will learn how to: • use the main innovation management terminology and concepts • explain the adoption life cycle and innovation adoption at the individual level • define creativity and explain how creativity can be stimulated • recognise and describe three types of idea management systems • explain what an innovation strategy is and why it is important • describe what a product portfolio is • explain how innovation projects should be selected and managed • explain the importance of teams, team structures and networks for innovation. Rotterdam School of Management, Erasmus University (RSM) is one of Europe’s leading business schools, and ranked among the top three for research. RSM’s primary focus is on developing business leaders with international careers who carry their innovative mindset into a sustainable future. Go to for more information. This nine-week MOOC in Innovation Management is taught in English. There is no fee to participate in the programme....




Um dos melhores cursos que já tive online. Boas explicações, bom exemplos, bons professores e bons temas. A sugerir e partilhar. Muito benéfico para quem quer entrar no mundo da inovação e da criação.



Well organised and with a lot of commitment from the faculty. I would like to see deeper discussions on most of the topic. It felt like the faculty was trying to oversimplify ideas. Thank you


イノベーションマネジメント: 376 - 400 / 463 レビュー

by Faith U


I​t was so exciting to take this course. Shout out to all the lecturers that took each week. It was impactful. I look forward to taking more courses with coursera.

by Amy L


Would have liked to dig deeper into more real world examples. Generally a good academic framework to understand innovation management and contemporary tools.

by Johannes K


Well explained, good examples and short, concise descriptions, definitions and explanations. Perfect for getting a good overview in comparatively little time.

by Paola G A


Great course for beginners. I had no background on management or business but the course gave me a lot of new information in a fun and interesting way.

by Richa C


I simply enjoyed learning this course and to gather knowledge. Will make sure I work with all the knowledge given to me to put in my career further.

by Amarawuchi K I


The instructors made the classes easy to understand with great examples and exercises to check the progress level. It's a very good course to take.

by Ivan R


Overall a good course. I would have preferred more practical examples though.

I think there's too much theory, particularly in the last lessons.

by Rodrigo D P


Interesting course with nice insights about what is innovation , how to foster innovation in a team, how to manage innovation in a project .

by Ruaidhri d F


I really enjoyed this course, I found weeks 1-6 the most informative and interesting but really enjoyed the course as a whole. Thank you

by Rolf C


I do understand now understand innovation management better. Personally I would like more quizzes and a second more deeper going course.

by Jitagna M


Good course. Assignments are a bit trivial in terms of grading. But in terms of the work that you need to put in they are good.

by Moritz E


It's a really nice and brief course. The only thing to criticize would be that it might be a little basic and superficial.

by Javier T


Me gustaría que el curso sea más didactico y que estudien más casos de éxito o aplicación de las metodologías enseñadas.

by Alejandro L


Interesting introduction to innovation management, however I'd have prefer it to go deeper into some of the topics.

by Luis A C C


e​xcelente curso, me ayudo a adquirir mas herramientas para el diseño y la administracion de la innovacion

by Arnaldo C


an interesting path through the innovation process. very useful for the daily challenge in a VUCA world

by John G


Really enjoyable and informative course, looking forward to putting into practice what I’ve learned.

by Oozeer N


Awesome course. Learned so much from it that I apply even in a research environment. Thank you.

by Michele L


A good intro to innovation management, with significant examples and interesting structure.

by cschellings


Excellent and well-explained course. And it was also challenging and with helpful examples.

by Arthur S C F


Although this is quite a basic course, I did manage to learn quite a number of new things.

by Alexandre D


Very nice course. Teach the basics of innovation & innovation management.

Very motivating.

by Maxwell Y D


A very insightful course. Will recommend to people who want basic knowledge in innovation

by Arved H


Great introduction. A very good basis to deep dive into certain topics subsequentially.

by Sekgwane J M


Great course but am having difficulty accessing my option to purchase the certificate.