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Welcome to Innovation strategy: Developing your Fintech Strategy! As you probably know, this is the third course in a three-part specialization focused on the digital transformation of finance. In this course, we'll aim to bring you insights about how business strategy intersects with innovation in finance. I'm excited to have you in the class and look forward to helping you learn more about this important topic. To begin, I recommend taking a few minutes to explore the course site. A good place to start is the navigation bar on the left. Click Course Content to see what material we’ll cover each week, as well preview the assignments you’ll need to complete to pass the course. Click Discussions to see forums where you can discuss the course material with fellow students taking the class. Be sure to introduce yourself to everyone in the Meet and Greet forum! This course should take about four weeks to complete. You can check out the recommended course schedule below to see a quick overview of the lessons and assignments you’ll complete each week. By the time you finish this course, you’ll have understood the job your Fintech innovation strategy should solve and mastered both internal and external innovation tools to solve the problem. You will also have been exposed to how some of the world’s leading financial companies work with innovation and seen inspirational examples from the digital masters, such as Google, Apple and Amazon. You'll be introduced to the Capstone Project for the specialization and have a chance to form some preliminary solutions for a financial company that needs to re-think its Fintech innovation strategy. The course has a primary focus on the banking sector, with insurance as a secondary area of concern. Most examples are rooted in the North American and European financial markets. Good luck as you get started. I look forward to seeing you in class!...



Course is very detailed , informative , rigorous, course, well-structured it is highly recommended for all the Financial Services Professionals .


Excellent course.It gives capstone Project to do so.That's why it is definitely best one to improve our knowledge


Innovation Strategy: Developing Your Fintech strategy: 1 - 25 / 33 レビュー

by Erwin V


Really good course, to the point and well structured. The feedback from peers in exercises is a bit disappointing at times as not everyone seems to be willing to invest the time to give constructive feedback.

by Aigerim Z


slow feedback from peers for reviewing assignment. Really wanted to pass the course fast but not so many participants are active. Dissapointed and demotivated to continue the whole specialization. Grading should be on instructors and not be dependable on peers as their activities cannot be managed by instructors.

by Ewa G


I do like the content but I am kind of lost in the structure of this course

I find multi- choices tests very difficult and confusing. the more choices, the worst it gets.

by Damola G


This was a very insightful course on Innovation and strategy . The case studies introduced made it practical and easy to apply the lessons. highly recommended for all players in the Financial Services sector.

by Nitin B M


Course is very detailed , informative , rigorous, course, well-structured it is highly recommended for all the Financial Services Professionals .

by Raguram S


Excellent course.It gives capstone Project to do so.That's why it is definitely best one to improve our knowledge

by Iosif G


One of the most interesting courses that I have ever accomplished. Thank you Coursera, thank you CBS.

by Ekaterina E


T​he course is very good for beginners. I have had problem with issuance of the certificate.

by Carlos E L F


Excellent course. I wish we could have at least one live meeting with the professors.



Amazing content relevant to the current times and engagingly delivered.

Thanks Team!!

by Nirav N


Tutor was awesome. I got all the topics in my domain.

by Mario S U


Excellent course!!! Thanks

Copenhagen Business School

by Carol C


Thanks teachers for you knowledgment

by Belen S


It´s very useful course! very good.

by Artem K


Good course. Highly recommended.

by Francisco A


Revealing. Clear. Contemporary.

by Luis F


Excellent course, keep it up! I

by Muhammad N


Great Experience

by Deleted A


Great Course



thank u (;

by Dong W


Good cours

by Onome M A



by Caryl G


The course was great, although I wasn't expecting te quizzes. Nonetheless, I really learned so much. Perhaps you can improve on the video subtitles. Thank you for offering this course.

by Hugo M F Z


I enjoyed the course and I could acquire new knowledge about this interesting topic, I recommend it to anyone who wants to understand the benefits of fintech in the financial services

by Tobias C


relevant content, but all the examples go back to 2015 / 2016. It would be great to renew part of the content, since the Fintech industry is evolving in a high pace