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浦項工科大学校(Pohang University of Science and Technology) による Introduction and Programming with IoT Boards の受講者のレビューおよびフィードバック



Internet of Things (IoT) is an emerging area of information and communications technology (ICT) involving many disciplines of computer science and engineering including sensors/actuators, communications networking, server platforms, data analytics and smart applications. IoT is considered to be an essential part of the 4th Industrial Revolution along with AI and Big Data. This course will be very useful to senior undergraduate and graduate students as well as engineers who are working in the industry. This course aims at introducing the general concepts and architecture of IoT applications, networking technologies involved, IoT development kits including Arduino, Raspberry Pi, Samsung ARTIK, and how to program them. This course will be offered in English. Subtitles/captions in both of English and Korean will be also provided. IoT (Internet of Things, 사물인터넷)는 최근 중요한 정보통신기술로 주목 받고 있으며 센서/ 제어기, 통신 네트워크, 서버 플랫폼, 데이터 분석, 스마트 앱 등의 컴퓨터공학 기술들이 융합된 기술입니다. IoT는 인공지능, 빅데이터와 함께, 4차산업혁명의 3대 핵심 기술 중 하나로 손꼽히고 있습니다. 본 강좌는 현재 대학에서 공부를 하고 있는 학부 3-4학년 및 대학원생들에게 뿐만 아니라 현장의 개발자, 엔지니어들에게도 도움이 될 거라 믿습니다. IoT의 개념부터 아키텍처, 네트워크기술들을 소개하고 IoT 앱들을 개발할 때 많이 사용되는 Arduino, Raspberry Pi와 삼성전자의 ARTIK 플랫폼을 소개합니다. 본 과목은 영어로 진행되며, 영문과 한글 자막을 제공합니다....




I have gained a lot of knowledge about IoT & IoT projects. Sir has wonderfully explained all of the content. Thank you. If you cut down the cost of the certificate it will be very helpful for me.



This is my first course in Coursera. The way, the teacher carried over the sessions were in professional way. The quiz after every session are designed in a standard way.


Introduction and Programming with IoT Boards: 251 - 275 / 371 レビュー

by Ali C B



by Dr. D P K



by Joakim H


The course in itself is very good, well structured, easy to understand explanations etc. Since this is a field that changes a lot, it may be slightly outdated in a few areas, but that does not matter, the basic concepts and technologies are still the same. It is a beginner's course and not a cutting edge tech review. I found it very useful.

The one thing that needs to be reworked urgently is Week 5 Artik. It seems Samsung Artik has been shutdown and none of the referenced sites ara available. Due to this, week 5 of the course is worthless. In order to pass the test, one has to research the programming on one's own.

Had it not been for week 5, I would have give a 5 star rating.

by Pari T


It was very interesting to learn from such a good teacher.

But am disappointed that course isn't free for some duration.When am going to pay ,then only i will get certificate.It's really sad for me and my hardwork.



It was a great learning experience.I have learnt the basics and applications for IOT boards and now I can relate this learning experience with other courses.

And I thank Coursera for this opportunity

by Manjunatha S K


It is too basic, no IoT related stuff, all these can be learned without thinking about IoT. Please add at least basics or teach few projects on IoT using Arduino and RPi

by Hassan B


It is a wonderful and useful course and its scientific material is very strong, but there is a suggestion that the explanation should be in the last two video lectures.



The Course is an Introductory course and needs prior basic knowledge and understanding about the IOT boards.For beginners would be difficult to grab.Overall nice data

by Mahendran R


The course is very useful to the beignners and its easy to understand and its very clear notes and the suggestion is we want more programs and outputs discussions.

by Sagnik R


This course helped me to get adjusted with these technologies. Further studies will definitely be easier as now I know how get started with this IOT-Boards

by Deepak T L N M


The course is not updated since 2018 if the material are updated accordingly would be great .

As most of the Samsung IOT artik is no more available

by Guruveer S


Explained the Basic Concepts and quite encouraging to Create Innovative Projects using the Latest Technology and How IoT is changing the World.

by Shashank M


very helpful course, if you are an absolute beginner.....Would have been better if real time implementation would have shown...

by Akshay G


Excellent for fundamentals in IoT Could include latest 2022 updated data Thank You for a short and precise course

by Jonathan R


The course provided a good intro. I am confident I can now take on sophisticated IoT projects from here on.

by Andras V


ARTIK platform is discontinued. It's Obsolete. Please remove this as a requirement to pass the course.

by Adalberto G L


Its Good I liked, but the problem is that they show you ARTIK but it dosnt exist on the presente 2020

by yj


몇년전 강의라 삼성아틱 모듈은 강의 구경만했지만 아두이노와 라즈베리파의 강의는 간결하고 쉬운 튜토리얼이지만 많은 정보를 담고있어서 그 어떤 복잡한 프로젝트 강의보다 유용하였습니다.



should have some practicals in the course itself to practice and speed of course should increase

by Michel A d S


That's a great introduction course. However, it's out of date due to the Artik discontinuation.



Very good course for the people who really want to learn about Boards and conduct some project.

by Pedro P


T​he final week was less interesting, but still had great fun learning the fundmentals.

by Arpit S


Towards the end, the course was not interesting and things/concepts become obfuscated.

by Sahaya L D


Very good and clear demonstration of IoT concepts in the said Hardware Platforms