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The capstone project consists of a case study that must be addressed to complete the specialization. In the case study, you will be asked to assume the role of the incoming chief executive officer of a fictitious privately held medical device company. From the company’s standpoint, its customers are the clinics that use and dispense its products, rather than the end-users of the company’s products. The company is currently facing a range of challenges, including obstacles to access for world-wide users of the company’s product, as well as internal conflict about the company’s priorities and a new disruptive technology. You will be asked to help the board address key changes in the industry, by developing a strategy to meet these challenges. Specifically, you will submit artifacts responding to a series of challenges related to the case. The artifacts will be peer-assessed on how effectively you applied concepts and skills explored throughout the specialization, assessed your own skills as a leader, evaluated the data to help you make an informed decision, developed a customer-facing design process, and communicated your strategy to relevant stakeholders....



The Capstone applied every aspect from the previous courses in a very realistic scenario. Great end to the specialization!


The questions were very good at creating opportunity for practical application of the content. I'm ready to be CEO


Organizational Leadership Capstone: 1 - 25 / 29 レビュー

by Melissa N


The courses were pretty good for the most part. They allow you to learn and participate as you go with flexible deadlines. HOWEVER, if you are interested in completing the specialization... those flexible dates go away once you enroll in the final course: Capstone. VERY UNHAPPY that i was able to complete the 5 courses in one month BUT i can't even start the capstone or work ahead because the dates are "locked". That means you have to wait 3 months to officially complete the capstone (and receive the specialization certificate. For those of us who have enrolled in this specialization because we have been laid off and are trying to get a job..... we can't wait 3 months to complete the specialization!

by Orlando C


The capstone project is framed around a well constructed fictional case that has you making decisions as a new CEO. You will use knowledge and skills gained from courses in the specialization to complete. The capstone gives you an opportunity to reinforce what you have learned.

I give the case and the projects five stars.

In an environment of learning - great teachers/professors and inspiring lectures are critical. That is stating the obvious. As obvious for many is the challenge that comes from other students/learners. Here is where I was disappointed. There were a few in my cycle who took the work seriously and submitted rigorous projects and offered well thought out feedback. A few too many did not and there was one glaring example of plagiarism that came to me for review. I was amazed that someone made it that far through the specialization with that sort of attitude. This was the entire course of my downgrade from five to four stars.

by Bernard D V


Capstone project of the specialization, the course is great and you will do 5 assignments in 8 weeks with the concepts that you learn on the 5 previous courses. It will help you to gather your knowledge in a very efficient way. Excellent global reminder and congrats to Northwestern's teacher team for this work.

by Sonny C


This is a very informative course with great content, research and case studies! Highly recommended!

by Derek S


Pretty solid, kinda easy, not a bad conclusion to the series. Also note that it will take a very long time for all of the work to get graded.

by Dr. I G


It was really an exciting learning experience. The peer review opportunity is great. It was another value addition to my learning process. Diversity of thoughts and wisdom. Thanks to all the respected course faculty members. You all are so nice. I pray to God so that in my next birth I can get all of you as my teachers in my classroom. May God give you all good health, happiness and lots of energy to share your knowledge with many more fortunate learners like me. I'll always remember you all and Northwestern University.

by Tom M


This is a great program and if you need course moderators/mentors, I would be interested in applying. I've been a Coursera course moderator/mentor for the last couple of years with the University of Minnesota's Human Resources program and Wesleyan University's Social Psychology program and have really enjoyed it. I also teach online college courses. Thank you for a great learning experience. Tom Moyer

by Maria L A


This course was an excellent opportunity to review the past courses concepts and to reinforce the knowledge about them. I could see the different problems that may appear in a corporation and the tools we have to apply to face up all different challenges we would have as a CEO of a company.

by Jorge S M G


Excelente recapitulación de gran parte de lo aprendido en el curso.

Me ayudó a poner en práctica con ejemplos reales las herramientas para un mejor liderazgo en cualquier organización.



How happy I feel, I thank you very much for giving us that course, it contributes a lot, it is worth it, I would recommend it 100%

by AJ B


The Capstone applied every aspect from the previous courses in a very realistic scenario. Great end to the specialization!

by Darryl B


The questions were very good at creating opportunity for practical application of the content. I'm ready to be CEO

by Rob v d B


A well structured and organized course with good and up to date content, exercises and material!

by Paul R


The case study was great - it really tested the skills we'd learned throughout all the courses

by Florian M


Very interesting case - great final chapter of this specialization! Thank you :)

by Ahmed S R M


great opportunity to have a different sight of being a leader of tomorrow world

by mikkel B M


Great material and very pleasant instructors! All in all a great course.

by Samba M


Great management course, very practical and insightful

by Adam C


Very enjoyable and timeless information.

by Luis R


Great specialization. Highly recommended

by subash s


Awsome faculty with clear explainations

by Michael R


Best of the group, well done!

by Juancarlos A


Great course and material.

by Winston A W


Excellent, thank you.



Great Course