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Management of Urban Infrastructures – part 1 に戻る

スイス連邦工科大学ローザンヌ校(École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne) による Management of Urban Infrastructures – part 1 の受講者のレビューおよびフィードバック



Sustainability, Resilience and Efficiency are fundamental considerations for city managers in managing urban infrastructures. Today, more than 3.9 billion people, making up more than 54% of the global population, live in cities. Urbanization is expected to continue in the coming years, raising the urban population to 6.0 billion by 2045. This dramatic increase in urban populations will inevitably increase the demand for energy, mobility (transportation), water, and other urban services in every city around the world. Without functional governance and management structures that ensure efficient, resilient and sustainable performance in cities, the current urbanization growth might become a catastrophic risk threatening the quality of life of the humanity. Sustainable development in 21st century can only be realized by introducing innovations in both management and operations of urban infrastructures systems. Developing management practices that effectively integrates the processes of urban planning with urban infrastructures planning and management is a challenging goal that many cities are struggling with nowadays, but is a must for transforming cities to sustainable and resilient engines of growth in both developing and developed economies. This course will provide you with the basic principles of urban infrastructure management that are fundamental for building prosperous cities that are sustainable, resilient and efficient. In order to obtain a certificate for this course, the participants have to pass four graded quizzes and complete four mandatory assignments, plus a final exam. In addition to the graded assignments students have the option to write a 7-10 page peer-reviewed case study about management of energy OR transportation system in their city (on your own choice). The best case studies will be also evaluated by our jury at IGLUS and the authors of the 3 best case studies will win a full tuition fee waiver scholarship to enroll in the IGLUS professional training program in Spring 2017. You can also pre-enroll in our upcoming MOOC on Smart Cities now. Find our more here:



Great course! I hope the team releases the following module. The material provided is really good and the lectures are dynamic and well edited. The short answer assignment could be peer reviewed!


Very informative, well planed and presented, learned a lot and piqued and interest to continue with part 2. Thank you to the lectures and all that were involved in this course for the hard work.


Management of Urban Infrastructures – part 1: 26 - 50 / 149 レビュー

by SunXiaotao


Thanks for your courses. It help me understand the Urban Infrastructures and its important role in cities. It really help me so much in my study!

by Sachin U


Very lucid and clear explaining the relevant concepts of urban infrastructure and the challenges and key managing principles and factor of it.

by Leslie J T


This was a great course, concise and clear presentation, perfect speed of talking. This will defintely be useful in my future job, thank you !

by Shibu P


A nice introductory course on Urban Infrastructures for everyone. Great content and explanations by Prof. Matthias Finger and his associates.

by Nurbek A


Excellent course for learning about the management of urban infrastructures. Recommend this course for governors of cities and regions.

by Richard R S


Very informative course. Highly recommended for anyone wanting to learn more on various dynamics in managing the city infrastructure.

by Manpreet S


It was good broader perspective learning exposure. My heartiest congratulation to faculty team and Coursera. Many Many thanks

by Valentyn


Perfect introduction in how cities operate! Pretty deep but yet clear explanation of the concepts of urban management.

by Conor C


I liked the theory and the structure of the class, especially how it had people comping in from industry to speak.

by Motti S


This course provides an excellent overview into the challenges and opportunities in the field of smart cities.

by ED G


Excellent content, excellent instruction!!!!!! Also, the interviews are a very valuable and informative,,,

by Bouali A


j'ai vraiment compris et maîtrisé les notions de management des infrastructures urbaines grâce a ce cours

by Furdu C


Very useful and interesting information about how digitalization is implemented in urban infrastructure.

by Ratna G


This was my first external online course, and I definitely enjoyed and found the course very useful.

by Le m d c d S N


it was a great course very helpful for my project and for smart cities future project management

by El H b D


Je trouve ce cours très intéressant.

La langue de communication me conviens parfaitement.


by Delphine T


This course is an excellent overview of urban systems and is very well documented.

Thank you!

by apostolos P


Interesting and useful course!

A holistic approach to urban infrastructures management.

by Vladimir K


Very interesting and insightful course. Nice videos, supplemented by in-depth reading.

by Yassine M


Million thanks to share this treasure with us ,very very interesting

Thank you EFL

by Josphine K M


Excellent Content. would recommend this course to all Urban Infrastructure Managers

by Mauricio W


Excellent course, very good examples and perfect approaches !´m really satisfied.!

by Elsa V


This course is Excellent: easy to follow, good explained and professional content

by James B B


This is a modular course for management urban infrastructure of the 21st century

by Abdullah A


Awesome course and I really recommend all who have interests on infrastructures.