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How can you tell if the bold headlines seen on social media are truly touting the next big thing or if the article isn't worth the paper it's printed on? Understanding Medical Studies, will provide you with the tools and skills you need to critically interpret medical studies, and determine for yourself the difference between good and bad science. The course covers study-design, research methods, and statistical interpretation. It also delves into the dark side of medical research by covering fraud, biases, and common misinterpretations of data. Each lesson will highlight case-studies from real-world journal articles. By the end of this course, you'll have the tools you need to determine the trustworthiness of the scientific information you're reading and, of course, whether or not your Facebook friend is wrong. This course was made possible in part by the George M. O'Brien Kidney Center at Yale....



Excellent course for physical therapists wanting to learn how to critically review the research literature. For those of us who completed physical therapy school > 15 years ago, this course is a must!


This is a great course that helps you interpret the correct way to read clinical studies. It's something I'll use, especially when and if I am asked to take a medication that has serious side effects.


Understanding Medical Research: Your Facebook Friend is Wrong: 501 - 519 / 519 レビュー



I really enjoyed watching the lectures. The Professor made them fun and easy to understand. The only problem I faced is the lack of resources; whenever I needed to review a certain concept, I had to see the whole corresponding lecture from the beginning. I just wish there were a document that sums up all the ideas or links to useful free material on the internet.

by Made A A


Everything is very well explained. Some lack of various example meaning that the example provided was the exact definition of the terms which may be not what it seem in a real study. Otherwise, everything is good, there are a variety of visuals, changing scenes, relatively short video per session (match my attention time-span).



At the middle of course, it was quite difficult for me to understand all those jargons. It would really be helpful if you could focus more on discussion than introducing those jargons. But I must say that it was really informative and helpful. I am looking forward to have more of these types of courses. Thank you so much.

by Sharon L


The presenter was excellent - real world examples and sense of fun, easy to understand explanations. The content was perfect for what I was looking for - particularly liked the session on how to do an effective search in PubMed - so helpful! The scoring in the end of module assessments drove me bananas.

by Michael E S


Much good information on observational studies. Thin on RCTs and amount of distortion of results in observational studies compared to RCTS. No information on the amount of distortion of results with various biases in RCTS.

by Amanpreet K


It was well explained course but I feel sometimes the class was too long. I learnt a lot and enjoyed the funny examples given by the course provider.

by Hasib R


Relating medical science with statistics. The course was awfully designed and each course materials are selected well enough for beginners.

by natasa t h


I enjoyed every lessons of this course , I found it really educational and I could learn new things. Thank you !

by Helga S


Lot’s of dry information presented clearly and with humor. Thank you Dr. Wilson! I admire your work ethics.

by Ohoud A


Very interesting, informative course

it did add a lot to me

Thank you

by Prachi B


I can differentiate between an actual study and an under study

by W.A.R. S


the teaching method is very active and powerful

by Raquel M L


Fantastic course. Very engaging speaker!

by Hein M T


Very interesting and informative course

by Ahmed A


it was very good and useful, thank you

by Rashirlyn A


A very informative course.

by Kimberly S S


While Professor Wilson was very intelligent and knew his information, the class was so boring! No offense but there was way too many lectures and way too much in the form of statistics.

by Wania F


​thoroughly enjoyed and learned a lot. Why cant i have a virtual certificate. Its so unfair! Why do i have to pay for it!

by Frank S


I am unable to disenroll from this course and get it off my dashboard. I follow the directions for disenrolling but the function doesn't do anything.