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Did you ever wonder how music works? This course provides free video, audio and journal resources that explain six basic principles about how music can influence individual and community health and wellbeing. From biology and neuroscience, to psychotherapy and politics, the ways we engage with music can make all the difference. Music has always played an integral role in the lives of individuals and communities all around the globe. This course explores the ways that music can be used to achieve positive changes with a particular emphasis on the most vulnerable persons. Six different understandings will be explored, each with their own set of values and assumptions. The greatest thinkers in each approach believe that their way of explaining the power of music is right, but we will show that understanding music in its entirety delivers the best results in each unique circumstance. Once we understand the various ways that music can change the world, we can make informed decisions about how best to employ its extraordinary power. Learners who engage in this MOOC can expect to both deepen and broaden their understanding of how music can be used with individuals, groups and communities. Specifically: • To distinguish between how music works on the body, in the brain, through the unconscious, for bonding, as political action and in reflecting culture, • To design practical programs that utilise music to support individuals, groups and communities based on examples shared in the ‘on-site’ case studies. View the MOOC promotional video here:



This course was well structured, informative and very interesting. As a music teacher, who works with special needs children and adults, I found it very helpful.


wonderfully insightful and completely inspiring! I gained so much from the course and am excited to apply why I have learned in my work context!


How Music Can Change Your Life: 26 - 50 / 50 レビュー

by Geoffrey R


Excellent cursus, very interesting, fun and complete. I am proud and happy to complete it.

by annette b


A wonderful course for anyone wanting an insight into this view and committet to music.

by Pamela P


Very good inspirational class. Well organized with good examples and guest lecturers.

by Vanitha M


It was very informative and enlightening, also filled with research and interviews.

by Cayzac R


Great course, very interesting with many visions on different subjects.

by E F


It is the most complete Music Therapy Online course I have ever seen.

by Julio C N I


I loved it! The course offers several ways to relate to music! ♪♫

by Laura M C


Amazing! Everyone should do it...Very clear, serious and fun!



Lots of helpful ideas and challenging final assignment.

by Laci H


This course is extremely informational and useful.

by Sindhu N


Very interesting course! Learnt a lot from it.

by Joseph D


Very informative. Really enjoyed the class.

by Jeman A P


Fun, informative and challenging.

by Anari E D


Interseting course

by Andrew L


That's great!!!

by Luis A M V


Great Job

by Bella N


thank you

by Lorraine M


Loved the outline of the various areas where music has a strong effect: body, mind, psyche, relationships, community, and culture. I really enjoyed the videos by Dr. McFerrin. She provides excellent overviews of the issues at hand. I also loved learning about the different perspectives coming from presenters from all over the world. This really enriched the overview of research in the field. I would have given it 5 stars except for the fact that the title is very general and therefore a bit misleading. This course has a very strong Musical Therapy slant which is not obvious from the title. I was expecting to learn more about the scientific research about music on the general population (similar to Amelia Collins' approach or the research in Stacy Horn's book "Imperfect Harmony", not in a therapeutic setting. Anyway, if the organisers change the title then participants will know better what to expect.

by Belén M S


I am loving the course eventhough I think it is too specialized and I can not work as a Music Therapy just with this course. It is a complementary course to people studing music, music therapy or any kind of fisiotherapy. The materials are great and very clear!

by Esther Z L


Aside from finding the accent difficult at times, I enjoyed auditing this course.

by Koos J


Excellent course. Treat yourself to this gem.

by Sophie R


Just excellent!

by Marianne S


It was a good course, but it did not apply to me as much as I thought it would. It is mostly geared towards music therapists.

by Ms. D G


Can i get a certificate for completing the course?

by Dale D H


It seems like the course loses its focus about on-half of the way through. It stops being about music and suddenly becomes a discussion about liberal social issues. I completely lost interest in it at that point.