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What does it take to comply with privacy laws? In this course, we’ll look at the practical aspects of navigating the complex landscape of privacy requirements. Better understanding privacy laws and data protection will enable you to protect your organization and the constituents that depend on your organization to safeguard their personal information. First, we will examine the historical context that drove the creation of laws, best practices, and other standards for protecting personal information. We will also consider where in the U.S. privacy laws exist and which sectors remain unregulated. Next, we will focus on the federal health privacy law, the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 (HIPAA) – and what it takes to comply with it. How do you know the scope of the requirements? And once you know HIPAA applies, how do you actually put measures in place to ensure compliance? We’ll explore the notion that one cannot have privacy without strong security and examine various models that promote the security of personal information. We’ll look closely at breach notification laws – one of the most significant drivers of change in organizations – and discuss strategies for the improvement of data protection overall. Lastly, we will look at international law, state law, the unique and important role of the Federal Trade Commission in protecting privacy. Most importantly, we get practical – we will discuss real-world, practical approaches to how compliance professionals can navigate the complex landscape of privacy requirements to best protect their organizations....




Interesting and usefull course on the topic. However I would have appreciated it even more if the focus was more international with deeper analysis of the GDPR. Too much focus on the HIPPA.



It was an amazing experience, since this is my first course. It was nice to learn about the privacy laws of different countries and the difference they hold from the native country.


Privacy Law and Data Protection: 26 - 50 / 105 レビュー



Very good course, however it should have more descriptive content and a greater number of classes, due to the interest of great resourcefulness today.

by Pauline


Good course that provides a very basic overview of privacy regulation and law in the USA. It is good for people that have never studied the system.

by Rosalee F


This Course was excellent and very informative, as Privacy and protection of personal information is a topical issue in this electronic era...

by Joel A C


A great review of the law, history and current standing for privacy & also (some) related national security law concepts. Highly enjoyable!

by Ana F L


Gostei muito do curso, especialmente por nos trazer conhecimento mais de perto sobre a legislação americana que envolve o assunto!

by Ganesh K


I liked the tutor's approach to abstract and present difficult topic in a simple manner in a way that it was easy to understand.

by Reuel K


Good course if you want an introduction/gateway into HIPAA and the US legislative approach to data privacy and protection.

by Sergey S


This course allows you to structure information on the protection of personal data and learn how to use this information.

by Mark B


This was a challenging and in-depth course. I am grateful to have learned about privacy challenges, laws, and policies.

by Jose L L C


muy bueno, hace analizar el cumplimiento de todas las leyes que estan sujetas las empresas segun su giro de negocio.

by Matías E C J


Excelente curso asi como las modalidades de aprendizaje y el material proporcionado. Gracias por la oportunidad!

by Alan B


This is a valuable course that is essential for everyone who is entrusted with privacy protection duties.

by Pedro M G


Excellent introductory course to the US privacy law and data protection framework. I highly recommend it!

by Biswanath A


This course of all 4 was just amazing. Learnt a lot of knew things about Privacy and Data Protection.

by Shannon S


extremely detailed into hipaa! but interesting. and compliance ppl need to know their stuff, right?

by Tristan L


A​ very good introduction and easy to follow lessons in privacy and the laws about privacy.



This what worth my time. I hope it translates to landing great job opportunities

by Arsen S


Thank you for giving opportunity to join this course. It was very interesting .

by Shaquille N


This was a very informative course with practical examples from the instructor.

by Kayode D A


It's a very insightful and provocative look into the emerging privacy landscape

by Jobson B d S


This course is interesting as it introduces us to the US privacy regime.

by Parag S


One of the best courses I have attended. The lectures were excellent.

by Oumeyma B H


G​reat course, it's not very dense. Do-able for any busy person.

by Yana A


Great Course! Thank you PenState for creating this material!

by ALI V


its so great but it had to have several professors