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In this course, you will learn about what the world’s number one Customer Relationship Manager (CRM) system has to offer. You will begin this course by understanding the components that Salesforce leverages to make it an optimal system. You will learn about the basics in Lightning for Sales, Community Cloud and Marketing, and understanding how to secure your Salesforce Organization and Manage Permissions. These tools will serve as building blocks to implementing Salesforce into any organization. The course includes in-depth readings and practical application activities within Salesforce's Trailhead education platform, peer discussion opportunities, demonstration videos, and peer review assignments....




Great ways for student to get help in ECOMONIC BUSSINESS field . I personally as a student recommended other student to learn new things from the Coursera.



this is really good & it helps those who want to learn salesforce quick & fast, we learn all the fundamental (basic) things in salesforce basics level


Salesforce Basics: 1 - 25 / 27 レビュー

by Raffy S


Production quality is low and most of the lessons (95%) are using salesforce I wish I could ask for refund. I hope not all of the UCI lessons are like this.

by Debra D T


Please cancel this course , it wasn't what I was hoping to see

by André F F D A


Really bad!! i wish i could give it no star at all



Very Good for Beginners to understand the basic knowledge of Salesforce.

by Raja A


this is really good & it helps those who want to learn salesforce quick & fast, we learn all the fundamental (basic) things in salesforce basics level

by Parisa F


Good course for Beginners to understand the basic of Salesforce.

by Annette


Enjoyed the course, but was sometimes hard to get answers to questions.

by Karl F


Very good and clear course to guide you into the Salesforce platform. If you've never had the experience of using Salesforce or have only had a look at a few features, this course will give you good insight into the powerful platform and the possibilities it can open up for your career or business.

by Arijan Š


The course "Salesforce Basics" was very informative, with well chosen modules. I've learned basic funcionalities of Salesforce CRM, and I think it provided me with knowledge needed for moving on to the next course of "Salesforce Fundemnatals" specialization.

by Bill W


This was a great introductory course for Salesforce "newbies". I feel like I now have a solid command of the basics and could navigate helping someone setup their Salesforce platform inside their business.

by Anshika S


Great ways for student to get help in ECOMONIC BUSSINESS field . I personally as a student recommended other student to learn new things from the Coursera.

by Priyanshu k


More Knowledgeable than salesforce basic

by Vedaswarup C


It was very informative

by Adeleke O


A​n informative course

by vishal k


Superb Course......

by Khuyên N T H


Useful information



Very Nice

by Poornima P


Very Good

by M B K



by Cesar V


I missed an option of having a better live support by the Trailhead site in case you run by some problems doing the excercieses.

by Kulkarni Y


Course is very useful and knowledgeable, but require more guidance for how to complete the modules and batches need more videos.

by Mallanagoud Y


Really Useful

by Muhammad T


Students can learn better if you teach them using videos content instead of theory.

by Magda W


If you're brand new to Salesforce like I was don't take this course. It touches very briefly on some fundamentals and covers a lot of admin stuff rather than day to day user functions. The modules/reading assignments are jumbled. The list will start with an admin module and you will be confused about all aspects of the reading material just to realize that three readings/modules down is the basics reading that you should have started with in order to understand the admin. In week three of the course, you are asked to complete a very long admin level module and when you get to the challenge (quiz), you are told that in order to complete it you need the knowledge covered in another module which isn't even part of the course. The videos are short and useless because they just cover select parts of the reading... but technically you are supposed to read prior to getting to the video so it's a waste of time. Finally the homework is uploading screenshots of all the completed readings which is multiple files in a specific order however only one file is allowed to be uploaded so you need to create a word doc to get around it but then if you have a grader (it's all peer reviewed) who is particularly strict he/she may not open the file and scroll down so you fail. The course did introduce me to Salesforce but in a way where I learned that I can discover all the lessons on my own since Salesforce has a free learning tool available to everyone. Google Salesforce Trailhead to get started. It is very intuitive and you can learn parts of Salesforce that are relevant to your career. No need to waste money on this course.

by Jeremy M H


Need clearer instructions for completion, screen shots are fine, but if you need 5 and can only submit 1 and you want all of them on a word document for a workaround, then explain that beforehand. I have taken several courses on Coursera and have not had near as many problems as this course. Also all of the "instruction" for this course is a link to Salesforce Trailhead (free from Salesforce, Coursera and UCI are not needed).