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This free course from the University of London explores critical thinking, and the interpretation of texts, through the Shakespeare authorship question. Using doubt about Shakespeare’s authorship as our playground, we will explore the key concept of authorship attribution, while developing skills in literary analysis, interpretation, and argument. Through forensic exploration of key texts, you will learn why Shakespeare’s authorship is questioned, and what evidence is cited on both sides of the debate. For those of you interested in exploring the works of Shakespeare from a new angle, or just wanting to hone your analytical thinking skills, this course offers an introduction to a fascinating area of interest. Those of you already interested in the Shakespeare authorship question will be encouraged to question your own assumptions in fruitful ways. Whether undertaken as a standalone course, or as preparation for the University of London BA in English, this course will be food for thought....




Ros Barber did a wonderful job, opening my eyes to all kinds of possibilities! The experts she brought in were very knowledgeable as well as entertaining! Thanks to Coursera for making this a reality!



A very well done, interesting and thought-provoking course that not only teaches the basics of the "non-Stratfordian" approach to the study of Shakespeare, but also encourages critical thinking.


Introduction to Who Wrote Shakespeare: 26 - 50 / 106 レビュー

by Melody


Ros Barber's unbiased, laser-focused introduction to authorship question was enlightening and so very enjoyable. Her dedication to searching and analyzing all existing data and not becoming too emotionally or mentally focused on alternative candidates is truly the best place to start. I highly recommend this course since it is intellectually uncompromising and delivers true scholarship to a subject too big to ignore. Thank you!



Coursera and University of London & Goldsmiths, University of London, thank you both for this amazing course. This course gave me many brilliant insights about the authorship doubt of Shakespeare. Of course, I learned many new things that I did not know before. I'm glad I took this course because I will definitely implement some ideas that I have learned from this MOOC.

by David P


This course gave me a much deeper insight into the Shakespeare Authorship Question, and why there are so many conflicting and contradictory points of view about the whole subject. Recommended for anyone wishing to broaden their knowledge about this topic.

Dave Patrick, Editor, 'The View Beyond: Sir Francis Bacon - Alchemy, Science, Mystery' (Polair Publishing, 2011)

by Jose M R C


Brilliant, really interesting and very professional course about Shakespeare (and Shakspere). Thanks to Ros Barber, Goldsmith College and the University of London for offering it. I always wanted to base my PhD on this topic (PhD that I hope I can make some day) but after finishing this course I am even more interested. Thank you.

by Libby G


i was impressed with the class and Dr. Barber's work of presenting it. I enjoyed all the work that went into the support of the lectures. I especially liked the text that was available for the hard of hearing a group that I am included. I would take it again if it is offered and possibly additional material was added.

by James A


extremely fair and very thorough on the narrow (and surprising) question of whether there is enough evidence to say that Shakspere (ie William S of Stratford) wrote the Shakespeare plays - would welcome more material/new course on internal evidence from the plays and/or the sonnets, as hinted at the end of the course

by Brian R M


This is an excellent course on a fascinating topic which, even though I have read several books on the subject still came up with much information and insight. It has encouraged me to explore further avenues regarding the authorship, hopefully with an open mind which is the main requisite

by Jafor I


Knowing all of these authorship questions just makes Shakespeare more interesting! Encourages you to read him more carefully! No matter which alternate author you become drawn too, you will not relate Shakespeare's writings to 'Shakspere' any more.

by Gé O


I especially appreciated the way in which the material was introduced. It made clear that there are several ways to look at the authorship question and that ideas are changing all the time, but that we cannot be certain of any opinion yet.

by Cristina C


Thank you Ros and Coursera for providing the most enlightening ideas I have ever heard about William Shakespeare's authorship question. I have deeply enjoyed this course and I am looking forward to continue studying the subject.

by cheska.


Dr, Ros Barber was an excellent instructor. She helped me understand concepts well and indeed, it is fascinating to think about who wrote the plays of Shakespeare. It was a unique course and I really liked it.

by Thomas A


Ros Barber did a wonderful job, opening my eyes to all kinds of possibilities! The experts she brought in were very knowledgeable as well as entertaining! Thanks to Coursera for making this a reality!

by Roderick C


Utterly brilliant, except where towards the end it gets bogged down by conspiracy theories involving the Knights Templar, Rosicrucians and Freemasons.

by Francis M


Fascinating subject. The content of this course is offered no where else. The course is well organized and presented with enthusiasm by Dr. Barber

by Natalia L


Thank you very much for this course. I started it without any thoughts about Shakespear's authorship but this topic was really interesting.

by Raquel V


Critical thinking is modeled while examining the evidence in favor and agaist the authorship doubt regarding the Shakespeare's plays.

by david b p


Excellent! advances the position that the Authorship Question is a valid and necessary subject for Academic research!

by Walter R T


I really enjoyed this course, and appreciate all the time and effort from everyone involved. Thank you.

by Carol P


This pioneering course was well worth the time spent. Thank you to Dr Ros Barber and all the team

by Addison J


It was refreshing to see the authorship question seriously examined. Most teachers disregard it.

by Andrea C


The course is very well organized and all the contents are extremely well structured!

by Walnea C


the issues are really interesting and well explained and supported and developed.

by kamaljeet s s


knowledge is the power ,enjoyed this course .something totally different .

by Judith P


Really interesting. I am inspired to look into this subject more deeply.

by Alex R


Excellent course. Very well prepared and wonderfully interesting