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In this course, you will learn how to analyze map data using different data types and methods to answer geographic questions. First, you will learn how to filter a data set using different types of queries to find just the data you need to answer a particular question. Then, we will discuss simple yet powerful analysis methods that use vector data to find spatial relationships within and between data sets. In this section, you will also learn about how to use ModelBuilder, a simple but powerful tool for building analysis flowcharts that can then also be run as models. You will then learn how to find, understand, and use remotely sensed data such as satellite imagery, as a rich source of GIS data. You will then learn how to analyze raster data. Finally, you will complete your own project where you get to try out the new skills and tools you have learned about in this course. Note: software is not provided for this course....




This course is very well organized. This course is also based on a solid combination of theory and practical knowledge. Who wants to clear their remote sensing knowledge this course best option.



Excellent course, really helped me bridge my knowledge gap between GIS and satellite imagery. I feel much more effective in the use of spatial analytical tools moving forward with my career.


Spatial Analysis and Satellite Imagery in a GIS: 26 - 50 / 144 レビュー

by Aditya K


Very good course. Filled with lot of great information. Best part was a review of Remote sensing and satellite imagery which I very much needed.

by Jennifer L B D


What can I say??... I've learned a lot during the last weeks, the program content is absolutely interesting and complete.

by Victoria G


I really enjoyed this course and instructor and learned a lot. The only thing I would add to make this a more meaningful experience for students is to add data sets that students can work with at the same time going through the different functions of ArcMap. I know we are supposed to find data sets on our own at the end for the project, however, during the instruction it would be nice to use my split screen to work on exactly what the instructor is doing to help solidify those skills more.

by Sendo T


Not for MAC user as the software only supports window.

by Ioanna A


I am very grateful for having this opportunity to extend my skills in ArcGIS. The instructor was very good, easy to understand, and the presentations were excellent. This course helped to find out who many things you can do with satellite images, buffer zones and so on. Thank you so much!!

by John B M


The course allowed me to upgrade my skills in handling spatial data and am more confident in managing and analysing data. I thank the course instructor Don Boyes very much for presenting even complex topics in simple yet very engaging manner.

by Jeffrey P


I really enjoyed this course and learned a lot about GIS. I believe I understand the reason that ArcGis is used (esay to use, complete), but wonder if an open source alternative could be offered as an alternative.

by Bruna R M


The content is very rich and the instructor, Don Boyes, has amazing didactics. In every class is clear the domain of the content and how he enjoys talking about it, which makes all more interesting. Thanks a lot!

by sima T


I definetly believe it is a perfect course for RS & GIS learner, but if you don not have any experience in this field you should start it from course one.

Thanks dr. Boyes for preparing these courses.

by Abdelmalek A


دورة فالمستوى , تليق بمقام جامعة تورينتو.

شكرا خاص للأستاذ Don Boyes ولكل من ساهم في إنجاز هته الدورة.

ملاحظة : قمت بكتابة هته الملاحظة باللغة العربية لتشجيع الناطقين بها للإنظمام إلى هاته الدورة.

by Davis M S


really great course for everyone with basic knowledge in GIS. If you want to really improve your skills in Spatial analysis, this is surely the go-to course

by María P M J


Es un muy buen curso de GIS. El profesor es realmente bueno explicando diferentes detalles de cómo funciona el software y de contenido

by Daniel d A


This is the specialization best course. It is very interesting, the lectures are great. And the instructor is concise and thoughtful.

by Ricardo D


This is an outstanding course. Excellent explanations, good activities, very useful information. Like that company says: just do it!

by Onwukwe U O


very interesting, straight to the point, hands on was very easy to learn, the tutor was awesome. Great course, Great school.

by Priyantan G


The course is very help full. It helps us to use the real life data sets along with the satelite data sets in arc Gis



The course was very interactive. Prof. Don Boyes explained every tool very easily and all courses were interactive .

by Rafael D P B


This course is very good. I learned many things. The teacher is the best. He explains everything really clearly.

by LakshmiNarayanan R


Very nice course. If duration of the course is being mentioned in the certificate , it will be highly useful.



this course is very important and he help me more. I will thank the instructor for this course Dr. Don Boyes

by PK M


This series has helped me bag a wonderful career at caterpillar inc. Thanks to professor Donald Boyes

by Angeles P


That's a helpful course to improve the GIS skills that I didn't opportunity to learn in my career.

by Henrique O


Excellent course! Very well structured.

Congratulations to the Instructor Professor Don Boyes.



A well organized GIS course with plenty of exercises to follow and ideal teaching techniques.

by Aritra M


Nice instructor. Ways of teaching is fabulous which makes everything expedient for students.