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The Cyber Incident Response course will give students an understanding of how incidents are responded to at a high level, as well as allow them to build important technical skills through the hands-on labs and projects. This course starts with a high-level discussion of what happens at each phase of responding to an incident, followed by a technical deep dive into some of the more exciting parts of memory, network, and host analysis and forensics. This course is for anyone wishing to apply learned forensics and offensive knowledge such as ethical hacking to the incident response process....



Stages of Incident Response: 1 - 6 / 6 レビュー

by suder54


Good structure of technical content, it s a dry topic and instructor had did good job,,,,in presenting it and structuring it

by craig b


This was a very helpful course and Instructor Evans definitely knew his stuff. The classes were laid out logically with strong supporting documentation and real life experiences to back up the recommendations. Thank you.

by Pastor T


Very Informative material

by Ramon B C I


Great lecture,... many thanks

by James F


I enjoyed the pacing of this course. While the content was quite straight forward, I appreciated that much of the fluff had been removed. I was disappointed by the quiz however. To have not double checked that questions are entered in correctly, or that answers reflect class content is unfortunate.

by Nneoma E E


It's not explanatory enough