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Have you ever experienced that your printer got stuck at a piece of paper? What if that happened every time you print? This course explains the importance of technical norms to which engineers abide to, so your printer works smoothly. Imagine that there were no standards. That is not easy, even if you try. The reason is that a lot of standards are very common to us and are with us for ages. But there are also new standards, new technical agreements, that are created every day. Did you ever ask yourself how under the hood of your mobile phone, messages are sent to other phones? Society would not be like it is today, if there were no technical agreements and or protocols on how things are working. This course explains how these technical specifications come into being and thus help you and also society at large....



Standardisation & Technology: 1 - 4 / 4 レビュー

by Martijn T K

Jul 10, 2018

At first I was afraid that this would be a course on the boring part of technology, but it is not. It is an interesting course on standardisation in technology, showing the historical impact of standardisation while focussing on the newest developments of autonomous driving and privacy. I can now see how standardisation will have a huge impact on how companies like Facebook can be regulated, but also how valuable it is to try to set a standard and increase the impact of technological innovations on the world.

by Mozaffar I

May 18, 2020

It changed my viewpoint to standards. How it is hard to establishing a new standard and popularization of it. It is fully related to humans, attitudes, biases and goals.

by Asaf O

May 29, 2020


by Nicolas S S

Oct 03, 2019

Thanks a lot for putting this course together :)