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In this course you will learn all about the Structured Query Language ("SQL".) We will review the origins of the language and its conceptual foundations. But primarily, we will focus on learning all the standard SQL commands, their syntax, and how to use these commands to conduct analysis of the data within a relational database. Our scope includes not only the SELECT statement for retrieving data and creating analytical reports, but also includes the DDL ("Data Definition Language") and DML ("Data Manipulation Language") commands necessary to create and maintain database objects. The Structured Query Language (SQL) can be taken for academic credit as part of CU Boulder’s Master of Science in Data Science (MS-DS) degree offered on the Coursera platform. The MS-DS is an interdisciplinary degree that brings together faculty from CU Boulder’s departments of Applied Mathematics, Computer Science, Information Science, and others. With performance-based admissions and no application process, the MS-DS is ideal for individuals with a broad range of undergraduate education and/or professional experience in computer science, information science, mathematics, and statistics. Learn more about the MS-DS program at




Excellent course. The instructor took the time to teach SQL in a comprehensive way and the labs and quizes are very well prepared to help with the learning.



A very good course going through all the basics for writing SQL commands. A great refresher for me as I have not done any SQL in about 2 years.


The Structured Query Language (SQL): 1 - 25 / 51 レビュー

by Jeffrey C


Great introduction course to SQL. Instructor was great, video lectures were helpful, and I really enjoyed the lab assignments as they helped you put into action what you were being taught. Would recommend to anyone new to SQL.

by Nicolette B


A very good course going through all the basics for writing SQL commands. A great refresher for me as I have not done any SQL in about 2 years.

by Cristian C G R


it's actually easy to follow

by Надежда В Л


This was my first dive into SQL and it was as smooth and informative as possible. My target was not only to get familiar with mail SQL operators, but also to understand the environment in which it is used. All this was explained in a very simple way. The course material is very good structured and the length of each module was ideal for me as a full time employee and a mother of two. Also this was the optimal balance of theory and practice for me. Alan is a brilliant tutor! It is very important when tutor describes the backstage of the processes and warns about potential problems that could be faced because of this or that action. And Alan really inspires for further learning.

To summarise, I would recommend this course to everybody who decided to start with SQL.

Many thanks!

by Meena R


I would like to give full credit to course lecturer Mr. Alan Paradise for putting together this course and for all the information he had shared. Very well structured course and easy to understand. I enjoyed all the lecutres and Labs were easy to do. Thanks to Colorado Boulder university.

by Година Б С


If you don't know anything about SQL and want to try to master it - this course is for you. During the course, I went from a person who simply had an idea of what it is and how it works, to someone who can explain how and what to use. Great course to start with, thank you.

by Mendy M


T​he instructor is well informed and takes time to explain concepts. my only issue is the was not allowing me to run DML queries which i then had to change to another environment. Overall the course was very informative.

by Inna S


Great Course! I'm new to SQL and the course gave me understanding and important practice in coding PostgreSQL. Thank you Alan Paradice, you are a very positive person! It was an interesting and useful course.

by Anna K


Very good course, all the topics are presented and explained in a clear way. On top of that there are a lot of pratical excersises so you can really feel that you've learned something after this course.

by Thoại T N T


The Structured Query Language course of Intructors Alan Paradise is easy to approach and understand for beginer. There are many exercises and data table to practice.

by Elvira B


Excellent course. The instructor took the time to teach SQL in a comprehensive way and the labs and quizes are very well prepared to help with the learning.

by Paola M B M


El curso esta muy bien explicado en su totalidad del SQL, si eres principiante este curso te enseñara lo mas esencial, y el profesor me agrada su actitud.

by Manuel F G W


T​his was an excellent course that taught everything one needs to know about the use of SQL. The teachers was didactically excellent.

by Vincenzo M


Absolutely perfect for beginners like myself in SQL. Clear explanations, interesting laboratories to work on.


by worrasin d


A good kick-start course for SQL. I have gained a lot of SQL knowledge in this course including practical terms.

by Omar E F G


Good course to start with basics od databases and structured query lenguage.


by Yogeshwar C


sql basic understanding in this course. good for data analystict/science students

by Fac P


Very well explained. It was a very good oportunity to start SQL learning.

by Cuthbert O O


Very good and well structured. Good tutor as well. Thanks Alan Paradise

by Chun H L


The course is very easy to understand and is very practical for career.

by Ayush B


Great to begin with and good for students trying to learn SQL Basics

by Adrian C


Very informative and easy to follow. Thank you for the knowledge.

by Kavita T


this course has made the SQL pretty much interesting

by Jaydeep M


The course is very helpfull to understand SQL

by lrusso


Its amazing, you can learn the concepts