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In the third course of the Machine Learning Specialization, you will: • Use unsupervised learning techniques for unsupervised learning: including clustering and anomaly detection. • Build recommender systems with a collaborative filtering approach and a content-based deep learning method. • Build a deep reinforcement learning model. The Machine Learning Specialization is a foundational online program created in collaboration between DeepLearning.AI and Stanford Online. In this beginner-friendly program, you will learn the fundamentals of machine learning and how to use these techniques to build real-world AI applications. This Specialization is taught by Andrew Ng, an AI visionary who has led critical research at Stanford University and groundbreaking work at Google Brain, Baidu, and Landing.AI to advance the AI field. This 3-course Specialization is an updated and expanded version of Andrew’s pioneering Machine Learning course, rated 4.9 out of 5 and taken by over 4.8 million learners since it launched in 2012. It provides a broad introduction to modern machine learning, including supervised learning (multiple linear regression, logistic regression, neural networks, and decision trees), unsupervised learning (clustering, dimensionality reduction, recommender systems), and some of the best practices used in Silicon Valley for artificial intelligence and machine learning innovation (evaluating and tuning models, taking a data-centric approach to improving performance, and more.) By the end of this Specialization, you will have mastered key concepts and gained the practical know-how to quickly and powerfully apply machine learning to challenging real-world problems. If you’re looking to break into AI or build a career in machine learning, the new Machine Learning Specialization is the best place to start....




Great course and very well taught by Andrew! The only problem is that now I am left with a burning desire to learn even more and start applying all this knowledge everywhere ...



Awesome specialisation. Allowed me as a beginner to get a good initial understanding of machine learning and put begin to put concepts into practice.


Unsupervised Learning, Recommenders, Reinforcement Learning: 1 - 23 / 23 レビュー

by Yuriy G


G​reat course and very well taught by Andrew! The only problem is that now I am left with a burning desire to learn even more and start applying all this knowledge everywhere ...

by Richard G


Awesome specialisation. Allowed me as a beginner to get a good initial understanding of machine learning and put begin to put concepts into practice.

by Eduardo A


Excellent Intro to ML topics, I'm grateful to have taken this course and the explaning way for dummies of Andrew Ng. Towards ML Engineer ->

by Diego C M


Fully recommended course, another masterclass on ML from Andrew Ng and his team! I was able to quickly build a decent foundation on UL while enjoying the content and exercises. As in the other spezialization courses, each topic starts with the algorithm intuition before jumping into the specific math and nuances. The jupyter notebooks are excellent, I found them super effective to understand the practical implementations of K-means clustering for image compression, Gaussian distributions for anomaly detection, collaborative (and content) filtering for movie recommendations, and reinforcement learning for a virtual lunar lander 🤖 Many Thanks!

by James P


Great introduction to three difficult topics. Overall the specialization quizzes/assignments have been a light touch. The unsupervised and recommender weeks were a little tougher while reinforcement learning was definitely a friendly introduction with a fun assignment. Great instruction and clearly a lot of time invested into making interesting assignments (very much appreciate the change to python from octave).

by Austin S


This was an amazing first course to take. I was originally taking the original Machine Learning course when this came out. I switched and it was a very welcome change. Using Tensorflow and Python instead of Octave/Matlab was nice and getting to learn from all the advances was really cool. The interactive notebooks made learning really fun and much easier to get my hands on the material.

by AustinQi


A sincere t​hanks to Andrew and all Deep learning AI crew, you guys/gals are the light of machine learning community.

I have a kid of 3, cant wait to introduce all your guys hard work to him someday in the future. Maybe (hopefully not) he is not interested in these topics, but the thing I want him to know is " how to define good people", my answer is "they share and care".

by Baiwei Z


Andrew is an excellent instructor who can break down complicated concepts into pieces that are much easier to understand. I enrolled both Machine Learning course (the old version) and Machine Learning specialization (latest version) and found both of them entertaining and informative. Hopefully I will learn more about AI from courses provided by Andrew in the future!

by Serban G


Excellent videos and labs, clear explanations of technical details with emphasis on developing an intuition while learning the technical concepts. I enjoyed it and appreciated the use of current machine learning software frameworks in the videos and the labs.

by Brooks J


Not only did I get a tremendourse from this course, I'm thinking about how to reinfoce my own learning, with the tradeoffs that suggests between immediacty and payoff, as well as introduce a touch of randomness.

by Sudharsan


A very good introductory course in Unsupervised learning. Covers the basic concepts of Recommender and Reinforcement Learning well. Thanks to Andrew Ng and team for developing and delivering this course

by Monojt L


This course is an excellent course for introductory machine learning. All of the topics are covered in great detail and It is an honor to be taught by Andrew N.G, the Great teacher.

by Kizmaz E


Thanks to this course, I learned the working principle of artificial intelligence applications. Thanks a lot for everything.

by Bruno R S


V​ery few courses explore the insides of Unsupervised Learning and Reinforcement learning like this one.

by Chandan A


Fantastic illustration and great explanation..loved the specialization..Thank you Andrew NG Sir.

by Sai G M


Excellent course. Nothing less expected of Andrew!

by Ashraf H


O​utstanding course and specialization. Thank you!

by Jeremy L


A​mazing course!

I​ learned a lot!

by mohammad n


andrew ng is awesome

by 马镓浚


Excellent course!

by Jan S


Best out there!

by 周良骥


Great course!

by Raghavendra N


Great course on understanding key machine learning techniques without getting too deep into the mathematics.