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By the end of this project, you will create a website which reports the weather for a specific city. We will learn how to use NodeJS to send API requests to Accuweather, and Pug and CSS to present the weather to the users.. We will use VSCode throughout this course. Building a full-stack website is a highly sought after skillset and this course is a great way to get started by building a simple weather website. This guided project is for anyone who is comfortable with JavaScript and has some experience with coding. Knowledge of HTML and CSS is useful, but not required. It would also be suitable for someone who is interested in building a website and is happy to follow along with the steps to get a feel for full-stack web development and will focus on the in depth knowledge after. This could be someone just beginning their coding journey, someone experienced who wants to learn NodeJS or someone who wants to build their own website which needs a server....

Build a Full-Stack Server for API Requests - NodeJS and Pug: 1 - 1 / 1 レビュー

by Mike B


Great starter course, just what I needed to start building the stack. Those who are coming from an old HTML/CSS way of doing things, this is a nice intro to the javascript side, intro to backend node, intro to a simple API request, output that data to the screen. Simple and thats where it ends. Thanks so much for this. -Mike