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TestNG stands for Test Next Generation is a testing framework that provides the developer the ability to write more flexible and powerful tests with help of easy annotations, grouping, sequencing & parametrizing. It can easily be integrated with automation tools like Selenium and is widely used by automation test experts to write functional tests. In this one-hour guided project through hands-on, practical exercises, you will learn -- 1. Writing test cases using @Test annotation using TestNG 2. Using @BeforeMethod and @AfterMethod annotations and their purpose in TestNG 3. Using @BeforeClass and @AfterClass annotations and their purpose in TestNG 4. TestNG integration with Selenium automation tool 5. Priority and enabled attributes in TestNG to control the order of execution and enabling/disabling a test case. 6. Using Assert statement to add assertions in TestNG 7. Understanding different format of reports in TestNG Note: This course works best for learners who are based in the North America region. We’re currently working on providing the same experience in other regions....



Introduction to TestNG and Integration with Selenium: 1 - 8 / 8 レビュー

by Peter I


Good introduction. Clear and concise.

One issue was that the chromedriver version was too old for the Chrome version so I had to update it.

by Ashis K P


This is really informative

by Suleman K


Quite helpful.

by MD A



by Umadevi C



by Selcuk A


Der Kurs ist kurz, aber effizient. Aber es könnten noch ein paar Themen hinzugefügt werden.

by Gouthamramakrishnan


One of the best way to start with testNG and basics of setting up selenium test

by Jeff M


Good intro to the subject. You get about as much out of it as you can expect for a 1 hour guided tutorial. The Rhyme tool was very glitchy for me during the course which was distracting from the content.