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ジョンズ・ホプキンズ大学(Johns Hopkins University) による Mathematical Biostatistics Boot Camp 2 の受講者のレビューおよびフィードバック



Learn fundamental concepts in data analysis and statistical inference, focusing on one and two independent samples....



Please, make a reboot of this course with some improvements in the material.\n\nMore examples\n\nMore solved exercises.\n\nMore homework.


Outstanding professor -- more rigorous than other similar classes. Just the right degree of challenge in the quizzes.


Mathematical Biostatistics Boot Camp 2: 1 - 19 / 19 レビュー

by Michael K


Thankful that a course like this exists, as most MOOCs are quite basic. And thanks to Coursera for running the courses even though attendance seems to be low (darn, that pesky calculus pre-requisite). Lecture quality is varied--some quite good (such as the lectures in Boot Camp I) and others seem like he hadn't looked at his notes for a long time. It's great to hear a stats professor talk about the strengths and weaknesses of many approaches. It complements a mathematical statistics book quite well. It would have been nice to have had some problems that were more challenging. Overall, while the Johns Hopkins Data Science MOOCs are pretty good, they are a bit more basic than what's available through MIT and Stanford.

by Paulina J


The course is a bit chaotic.

by Burak H


The last week was a bit rushed and unclear.

by Huynh L D


This course should be part of the Data Science specialization. Actually, you can supplement the Statistical Inference course with these two Boot camp courses really well!

A great revision of statistics, very rigorous and thorough cover of all distributions and hypothesis tests.

by Andre T d C


Please, make a reboot of this course with some improvements in the material.

More examples

More solved exercises.

More homework.

by N N


Fantastic introduction for statistics. Some quiz questions do not contain all the information required to answer them.

by Vivek


Outstanding professor -- more rigorous than other similar classes. Just the right degree of challenge in the quizzes.

by chen w o


Thank you Dr Brian for the in-depth teaching from fundamental to application in real-world healthcare research

by Joseph L


Excellent! A great leading course to build up one with clear background to explore the data science.

by Bekishev R


Great course, although some topics require additional knowledge

by Vasin S


This is amazing course for reviewing categorical statistics.

by Santhosh K K


it is very useful to improve my knowledge

by Nagaraju K


It's very much informative




by Luis G G E


Goode videos and teacher. The videos are old and it will be perfect to refresh them and make it more interactive.

by Sven S


Quite a different course as compared to Mathematical Biostatistics Boot Camp 1. Many different tests for contigency tables are presented, however, without the proper mathematical derivation. It is just: Here is another test for this - more like a cookbook. Videos and quizzes are sometimes incoherent as if being put together from different sources without much care.

by Edit T


It was very challenging. It would be better if a couple of practice exercises were put after the relevant lecture videos and not just after the weekly lecture videos.

by Alexander K


The instructor does a poor job of conveying information and seems to spend most of his time demonstrating that he understands the subject well. He would do better to focus on core concepts instead of talking through tangent details and implications of them. He expects the learner to visualize everything he is saying, which is mostly impossible without any prior understanding of the subject (which ... the learner does not have or they would not be taking this course.)

by Gu F


"much better than the data science with R concentration provided also by John Hopkins. This course has concrete examples, and the lecturer doesn't treat his audience like the first-grade kids." I take this back. The lecturer doesn't know what he's taking about and what he is gonna talk about for at least half of the time.