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Incorporating machine learning into data pipelines increases the ability of businesses to extract insights from their data. This course covers several ways machine learning can be included in data pipelines on Google Cloud depending on the level of customization required. For little to no customization, this course covers AutoML. For more tailored machine learning capabilities, this course introduces Notebooks and BigQuery machine learning (BigQuery ML). Also, this course covers how to productionalize machine learning solutions using Kubeflow. Learners will get hands-on experience building machine learning models on Google Cloud using QwikLabs....




It was a good decision to do this course as i learn and practiced lot in GCP. Thank you the team for amazing support guidance and instructions. Course content and material was appreciated. Thanks.



Very good ML course to introduce students with Google Cloud machine learning capabilities. Maybe there should be a lab for AutoML (after video lessons), as it exists on Qwiklab platform.


Smart Analytics, Machine Learning, and AI on GCP: 1 - 25 / 132 レビュー

by arka c


the kuberflow lab assignment had technical issues. After submiting the concern did not get any fruitful resolution.

by Ivan A


This course is good as an overview. Labs, compared to other courses on this series are lower quality and some are plain broken. It looks like this course is a number of assorted course snippets (from other, older courses) put together into this course.

by Miguel F B d M A


One of the lab's was broken. It eventually got fixed but it took nearly 2 weeks.

by Iman R


In my opinion this course is very general. It's good for those who want to know what feature google cloud platform offer for machine learning development. The lab was interesting, that we use real world data, but I think it's still lack of in deep explanation. Well, yeah because in this course is more focus for the data engineer not for data scientist or analytic. So 5/5 in my opinion

by Serhan A


I found the course very helpful for a Data Scientist/Data Engineer to get familiar with the Google Cloud services for Data Analysis and Machine Learning. After this course, I am comfortable at least using AI Notebooks combined with BigQuery. I think I’ll choose Kubeflow as a Service instead of creating a Kubernetes cluster then install Kubeflow. That part and relevant Lab was confusing for me, though this is nothing to do with Google Instructors or Qwiklabs. Basically, Kubeflow, Kubernetes are complex for me still. I recommend the course, take time for the labs.

by Artem L


This course In a very condensed manner teaches about Kubeflow (a Kubernetes based platform for portable and scalable Machine Learning), BigQuery Machine Learning (BQML, a machine learning framework integrated directly into BigQuery data analytics service), AutoML (code-free ML to build advanced ML models on Google infrastructure) and some other remarkable GCP tools/services! The course is amazing and I am surprised that it is not included in the Google ML specializations.

by Carl T


Really great course with in depth explanations of all important GCP features. It helped me a lot.

Personnally I would prefere not to have pseudo deadlines and a separation of courses into week1/week2 as I did the courses whenever I had time and the separation was slightly distractring. Only a minor point though.

by Eathiraj L


The course was so deep and well organised for easy understanding and also the labs were good too.One thing which was missing is that ,"Solution videos for labs which would be useful for verification".

Thank you for extending my attempts to clear the labs which are difficult sometimes

by Raghava M


This suite of courses helped me to get a complete understanding on the delivery of cloud platform in solving distributed computing models. It also gave me complete insight as to how technology liberates the humanity from perennial problems.

by Gustavo V


An introductory course with good examples of how to use different google tools to develop and deploy machine learning models, very well tough and perfect for a high level understanding of the GCP AI platforms.

by Humberto R


Without a doubt the best course, I have learned a lot not only from GCP but from many aspects of cloud computing and the skills necessary for a data engineer. Thank you very much for the opportunity.

by Milos B


Very good ML course to introduce students with Google Cloud machine learning capabilities. Maybe there should be a lab for AutoML (after video lessons), as it exists on Qwiklab platform.



This course helped me to do smart analytics, and in my current job I was able to apply Machine Learning easily on GCP, and I helped my team to the AI platform like experts.

by Mahdiazhari A


Content was fun and exciting but some exercises/graded labs inside this course are very unclear with the instructions and also took a long time to finish (model training).

by Venkateswar N R


Amazing to be part of this great learning Journey!! I am learning concepts and strong fundamentals to build a good foundation.

by Antony J


Excellent course. Gets pretty advanced with developing ML pipelines with Kubernetes Engine, but otherwise very accessible.

by Basma A


Great Big Picture about ML options on GCP, with good highlighting to main advantages and differences for each option.

by Cheikh B


Always exciting to do machine learning with big query I learned a lot in this course which I highly recommend

by Mus A A


Smart Analytics, Machine Learning, and AI on GCP is not easy to create data with kubernetes in Biq Query.

by Leonardo E


really nice training. take your time doing the labs, examining the queries in all detail.

by Jude A


Great insight about using machine learning on Google cloud platform. I am impressed

by Sameer S


Good structure and overview of things which can be accomplished in GCP Analytics

by Ivan E K


Excellent, the instructors are so kind, the quicklabs labs are so great - thanks

by Paweł K


I recommend this course everybody, who want to get some knowledge about BQML.

by Fernando E L M


Great course to have a complete overview of the GCP platform and components.