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What we eat and how we produce that food have significant effects on human health and the sustainability of our planet. But what is a ‘sustainable’ diet? A sustainable diet, as defined by the FAO, promotes health and well-being and provides food security for the present population while sustaining human and natural resources for future generations. This short course looks at the urgent need to address the sustainability of our food systems, including better understanding the complex relationship between diet and climate change. We’ll explore current research on dietary shifts needed in high, middle, and low-income countries to achieve both sustainability and food security goals and discuss evidence-based strategies to promote sustainable diets. This course is offered by the Johns Hopkins Center for a Livable Future and draws from our graduate-level food systems curriculum at the Bloomberg School of Public Health. You may also be interested in our eight-week flagship Coursera course, “An Introduction to the US Food System: Perspectives from Public Health”....



Good, concise, effective information. Great lectures and data presentation. Thanks!


If you are interested in food systems and public health then take this course.


Public Health Perspectives on Sustainable Diets: 1 - 17 / 17 レビュー

by Ana C V L


This course is definitely a MUST-LEARN.

It equipped me with information that is extremely important and up-to date, about what it is to consume a sustainable, healthy diet and its impact on the planet.

Its well-structured, thought-provoking material left me questioning and understanding the specifics on what we must do as a society in order to keep our planet safe, and get a better health while doing it.

I strongly believe that this course material should be taught in schools. Even better, everyone should do it, regardless on the background.

A must-do. Definitely recommend!

by Lina F L


I really appreciated the in-depth knowledge about all the different aspects of sustainability when it comes to what we eat and grow. Even after the first few presentations, I found myself sharing the information with friends and family. As a dietitian and avid environmentalist, much of the topics covered in this course I already knew a lot about, but not to this extent. It was greatly helpful to see these comparisons explained in graphics, and to really get an idea of where we are headed unless we change the way we put food on the table.

by Aedrian A


This is an engaging and concise course on food systems and their public health and environmental implications. As a casual learner on the topic at this point, I learned a lot on the details of the growing problems emphasized and absorbed at least a thing or two on doing my little part in addressing what turns out to be an existential issue. Furthermore, the course is abound with ideas for interdisciplinary research. I am looking forward to enroll in the mentioned flagship course as soon as my time permits.

by Carolina R a


I found the course very informative, inspiring and professional. I would highly recommend it. I did gain a broader view on the topic and cemented fundamental ideas.

by S G


Very interesting and useful informations concerning sustainability and our path to a more sustainable and fair world

by Lotte v B


Great sources, and nice you can see the sources for yourself in the additional readings!

by Casperat


Good, concise, effective information. Great lectures and data presentation. Thanks!

by Agwuigbede C V


If you are interested in food systems and public health then take this course.

by Jessica C


Thank you for the opportunity.

by Adriana F


I learnt a lot. Thank you!

by Charles R


Great course. Love it.

by Dr. Z N


Very nice course

by Innara


Thank You !

by Alicia F



by asish s



by Margarita C


Fabulous course about what we know now regarding sustainable diets. I would have given it five stars if it addressed knowledge gaps and areas of further research needed regarding changing dietary habits! Wonderful course and so important.

by Jane E S


The material was excellent. It is clear that a great idea of thought and effort went into the preparation of the course.