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​The course is designed for students to learn the essential concepts of BIM, and the basic technical skills to create and manipulate a BIM model. Those skills include how to retrieve information from a BIM model and how to use common modeling tools....




I've managed just in several days (approximately 3-4 hours daily) to learn basics of Revit and I'm ready to upgrade my knowledge in some of the next courses and I'm feeling ready for those challenges!



A very good overview for beginners to BIM. Enjoyed it a lot, yes some people might find his English a bit difficult to understand, but overall it is great. Totally satisfied and highly recommended.


BIM Fundamentals for Engineers: 26 - 50 / 296 レビュー

by Yin K C


It is very useful for those who want to learn more about BIM Fundamentals and for better future job. Thank you Mr Jessy Kang and Mr Shang-Hsien Patrick Hshieh.

by Muhamad A A b A A


The lecturer teaches and explains everything well and easy to understand. The topic covers is also helpful in developing students' understanding. However, it is better if they can provide the same REVIT files the speaker used in each lecture.

The drawbacks I experienced in this course is the peer's review system. It is hard to review and to get reviewed by peers. Students are constrained by datelines and have to make sure the assignments are reviewed before the datelines. This is not practical since the students enrolled at the similar weeks is very limited. Modder needs to consider other mechanism for the grading.

Next, is the format uses for assignment submissions. Revit doesn't support backwards compatibility, which means if a student using a much older version will have a problem reviewing .RVT file that is from the latest version. This is troublesome for me personally as I am using 2021 version and when peers can't review my submission, some also resort to giving me low grades. I don't remember how many times I have to edit and resubmit the same .RVT file, then wait for another peers' reviews. To make it simpler, just allow students to upload multiple files of their assignments in JPG or PNG.

Hence, the 4-stars (I'd rather give 3.5-stars for the course).

by Elvis R


I liked the methodology used in this course. The videos of each lesson are very clear and entertaining. There is something that I would like you to do to make the course better, it is about updating the version of Revit used in the videos.

by Hassaan K


I am amazed and totally satisfied with teaching method and professionalism from producers. Furthermore I am really impressed with the way the course has been designed. Looking forward to enroll in next course which is "BIM application".

by Hetman S


T​his course was very interresting for someone who never experienced Revit.

Everything is well explained ans organized. I hope that the second course is going to be instructive like the first one.

by Andrii S


Thanks a lot for this awesome course. Now I can do my job better and faster with features of BIM. Everything was clearly for me, so I hope to finish the next course successfully too.

by farzaneh e


It was a great course to learn BIM fundamentals and Revit basics.

The lectures are all well explained and easy to follow. I learned a lot.

Thanks for this useful course.

by Heber D S M


Até o momento muito bom o conteúdo do curso e a didatica dos professores.

Until the moment is very good the content of the course and teachers didactic.

by Daniel H H P


It is a course that gives you the fundamental skills for developing a BIM model. it is well structured and the way of teaching is easy to hunderstand

by Shaik K


This course really gave me an Idea about what 'BIM' actually is! I'm really thankful to professor Shang Hsein Hseih and National Taiwan University.

by Vamshi M


Go ahead for this course, don't think twice to take it and well teached by Shang-Hsien Hsieh, Thank you for coursera and National taiwan university.

by Melinda M


This course is a good start to Revit and BIM learning. The teacher clarifies how and why this is useful and makes the course easily understandable.

by LEO J


Perfect course for the beginners and those who really want to learn BIM and its applications.

Highly recommended for Architects & Engineers like me.

by Ali H


glad to be a part of this course, flexible dates is a plus point for me.

Very thankful to National Taiwan University and their staff.




This course is so easy to understand as a beginner, and I learned so much that I'm sure I will get better opportunity after passing this class.

by Ruben D A C


El curso me introdujo rápida y eficazmente a los conceptos básico de BIM y las herramientas básicas necesarias para desplazarme dentro de Revit

by M L


You can learn basic BIM knowledge on this course. Although some assignments need time to finish they are very helpful for you to learn BIM.



I have learned basic of BIM. But the reviewers are not efficient to review. I have faced this problem after submitting correct assignment.

by Anant A


i liked the course very much ,it has practically applied quizes and sessions and it helped me gaining fundamentals related to BIM (Revit)

by Jesus A F


It is a really good course to get started in BIM and Revit, the instructor is pretty friendly and the activities are good to get started.

by Mahesh S


This course is very helpful for a civil engineering student I think I learn much more releted to civil engineering it is very good course

by K S


That was a good course to be underwent by any to be successful Engineer. Effectively organised and communicated resource materials too.

by Nadgouda A


very nicely designed course.I learnet a lot of detailes form this course.Thank you sir for this detailed information abount the Revit.

by keith l


Rare bim course on coursera

not difficult to finish 5 weeks, but the peer-reviewed assignment might be a bit longer to get the feedback

by Omoh O


Beautifully Packaged lecture and Well sequenced to ensure a deep understanding of the course content. Really glad I took the coures.