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Throughout the Coaching Skills for Managers specialization, we’ve discussed many topics for improving coaching conversations with our employees. It is now time to put all of that theory and discussion into practice and examine great examples of common coaching conversations! Note: This course builds on all previous courses in the Coaching Skills for Managers specialization. It is highly recommended that students complete or be familiar with the topics covered in those courses before taking this course. In particular, you should be familiar with the coaching strategies and tools discussed in previous courses (such as the 5 whys technique, resisting what is, among others), and should have a full understanding of the Thought model and the various components of it: circumstances, thoughts, feelings, actions, and results. By the end of this course, you will be able to demonstrate appropriate and effective strategies when engaging in coaching conversations with those that you lead. By exploring and analyzing common coaching scenarios that are acted out in this course, you will have a great sense of what works well and not so well during such a conversation. Specifically, you'll be able to better differentiate between a developmental coaching approach and a directive management style, discuss new strategies and techniques for dealing with both mind set and skill set gaps, describe how to use the feedback loop effectively in a conversation, and demonstrate the use of good questioning techniques and the thought model to not only help an employee identify issues, but help the employee really change their thinking. The final assignment is all about actually having a coaching conversation with another person where you can apply everything you've learned in this course and throughout the Coaching Skills for Managers specialization. Again, it is highly recommended students complete the other courses in the specialization before taking this one. This peer review assignment, in particular, will be difficult to complete without knowledge of the topics covered in these courses. After going through the course materials and completing the assessments, you will be able to have more effective one-on one-coaching meetings with those you manage and deepen your understanding of the essential practice of coaching conversations....



Aug 30, 2016

Very good course. Specially the assignment where in the participant gets to record the coaching conversation and shares for review. Also, gets a chance to review the assignment of fellow partici


Apr 22, 2020

Excellent way of coaching. Very simple yet powerful coaching Tools and techniques.\n\nThanks to Ms Plaschy for her life stories and learnings to become even for more effective.


Coaching Conversations: 26 - 50 / 51 レビュー

by Craig E H

Oct 11, 2020

Very informative, I can start using the tools gained here immediately.

by Balaji S

Nov 15, 2018

Great course to know about coaching tools and techniques for managers

by Rahaf A

Aug 02, 2020

One of the best courses that I have ever take! highly recommend it

by Cheralyn T

Sep 03, 2017

What a great course. So practical and useful. A big thank you

by Emily C

Apr 02, 2019

Enjoyed the course and learned some excellent tips.

by Alvaro C

Oct 11, 2017

excellent course.. great techniques and tools learnt

by reuban

May 01, 2020

This course has been life changing. Thank you kris.

by Fay d S

Dec 19, 2017

Fantastic course! I thoroughly recommend it ...

by Seto L Y

Jul 05, 2020

This is a very useful and practical course !

by silvana p

Sep 18, 2018

Excellent, as all Cris' courses!!

by Gagan S

Feb 07, 2019

its to good your role in company

by Francisco J G M

Aug 11, 2017

Excellent and motivating Course.

by Chiraz M H R

Jul 15, 2020


by Tina

Jun 22, 2019

This was an excellent class.

by Mohamed E F

Jul 05, 2020

very help-full

by Kaarar K

Jun 11, 2020

merci beaucoup

by Khalid A

Jul 13, 2020

thanks you

by Flt L G R

Jul 19, 2020


by Carlos O

Dec 13, 2016


by Hassan A

Jul 14, 2020


by Pierre i

Aug 28, 2018


by Syed T H

May 04, 2020


by Jesus R M L

Aug 04, 2017

El trasmitir puntos de vista desde diferentes concepciones y niveles de desempeño de los trabajadores en su participación del progreso social y tomar conciencia de dar y recibir los aportes de nuestro esfuerzo para dar mayor felicidad a nuestras comunidades , procurando disfrutar de la felicidad personal y familiar

by Érika A C

Sep 27, 2016

Este módulo traz exemplos interessantes de como as conversas devem ser conduzidas. Me fez perceber, que apesar de ter uma boa intenção, muitas vezes eu acabava direcionando minhas conversas com minha equipe, e isso com certeza limitava o desenvolvimento do time.

by Bobby A

Aug 03, 2020

The peer reviews did NOTHING to help me learn.

I think it would have been better to give a scenario and then have us coach that. Make it more personal and relatable.