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In this course, learners will complete several VBA projects. It is highly recommended that learners first take "Excel/VBA for Creative Problem Solving, Part 1" and "Excel/VBA for Creative Problem Solving, Part 2". This course builds off of skills learned in those two courses. This is a project-based course. Therefore, the projects are quite open-ended and there are multiple ways to solve the problems. Through the use of Peer Review, other learners will grade learners' projects based on a grading rubric....




This is one of the best courses I have take so far. Real problem solving projects make this part (part 3) challenging as well as exciting. It sets you up for taking challenges of your own projects.



Projects were enjoyable and challenging. Instructor is excellent -- does a great job of explaining the material and interacting with learners. Content very relevant to real-world projects.


Excel/VBA for Creative Problem Solving, Part 3 (Projects): 51 - 75 / 131 レビュー

by Tomáš K


Charlie, Great course! Putting all stuff learned together in the projects was perfect. You can use your ingenuity and creativity in the project solving and use the obtained knowledge in further work.

by Rafael L


Highly recommend this course! Amazing content and great instruction. Very helpful in consolidating all the knowledge obtained in the first 2 parts of the specialization.

by Aakash G


It was really nice project required all the learning of past 2 courses. I will recommend to complete 5 Week project as well as it really help to hone your skill.

by Miguel A Z G


The course has a good level, you learn a lot but it takes commitment to continue advancing. One of the best courses I have taken, the teacher is very didactic.

by Marta O


This course has been tougher than the previous two courses, but I prefer this, more practical, approach.

Now I will continue week 5 to obtain the honor grade.

by Ka L O


Great course! Well designed assignments to test knowledge. Great lecturer with clear communication.

Definitely picked up some VBA skills from this course.

by Raul M S


Amazing Course! Really loved how Charlie helped us through every screencast. I strongly recommend taking this course to power up your Excel skills.

by Sona B


Thank you dear instructor. It was fantastic to be part of this specialization. I strongly recommend this course any who wants to learn Excel VBA.

by Mariia D


Projects are focused mainly on userforms, which was not exactly what I'd be primarily interested in. However, still good final for good series.

by Arturo M


All the spcialization is absolutely amazing, you will not only learn how to make impressive tools in excel VBA, but also a lot of other things!



Exceptional Course if you want to learn VBA. If you stay focused you shall be able to develop professional level skills in VBA.

by Werner V


Part 3 was a great culmination of all the knowledge gained from parts 1 and 2. Thank you for some good content and screencasts.

by Margaret E C


Wonderful (and somewhat challenging) course with projects similar to real-world problems. Excellent instructor.

by Iván A L A


This is an interesting course to polish VBA skills into usable worksheets and Excel Apps!

100% Recommended!

by Johannes H


Great projects that test what you've learned in the first two courses. Thank you Charlie, for the classes!

by Douglas G A F


Awesome course for all of us that want develop advanced VBA apps for Excel data analysis and management.

by María A


Great course! It helped me a lot at work to automatize some files. Dr. Nuttelman is a great instructor.

by Varunraju V


The projects involved applying skills learnt in previous Parts and were interesting enough to crack it.

by Emre C E


The one of the best courses you can ever take where you can really implemen VBA to problem solving.

by Daniel M


Muy bueno el curso, aprendes diferentes metodos y herramientas del programa para diferentes casos.

by Yngrid F v B


Great Learning experience!!!You have to invest time but still you have lots of fun doing projects

by Karl J


This course very much solidified material from the first two and was appropriately challenging.

by Farig F


Great course for those who really want to master VBA and get confidence in programming!

by Matías J B


Excelente curso. Vale la pena realizarlo ya que está muy bien explicado y es muy útil.

by prem


one of the best courses i have done . It provides the right kind of exposure needed