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In this course you will explore concepts and approaches involved in creating successful character designs that can be applied to video games. Following a first week delving into some foundational concepts for successful character design, each of the remaining three weeks are structured as a master class where you will observe three professional character designers at work in the studio: Andy Ristaino (Adventure Time), Jacky Ke Jiang (Journey), and Robertryan Cory (SpongeBob SquarePants). Each designer will take on two different design challenges on the fly and address the various issues in designing characters for games, such as movement, expression, and technical limitations. At the end of each week you will have an opportunity to try out some of the concepts from that week's lesson on characters of your own design. This is a fun and engaging class especially useful for students interested in animation in film and TV as well as games, and is suitable for students of any drawing ability....




As I said earlier, I recommend this course for everyone; doctors included (:

I like how this course was treated in a different way. We see people doing the job on there ground, that's interesting.



Fun and challenging to me. Is not easy to me to create new characters, but with this practice and professional examples, I feel more confident to just do and see what happens. Thank you, very much.


Character Design for Video Games: 51 - 75 / 234 レビュー

by Lord C G


had a lot of fun. by going to this course, I learned new things like Density, more points on proportion, and I was able to set a mood or tell a story just with my drawings. thank you :)

by Jesus C


The 3 masterclasses are so awesome... You will not only learn a ton about character design, but also about professional work, design, communication... These 3 artists are so inspiring!

by Gabriel C F


Es un excelente curso para ver como artistas reales (y muy buenos) crean y conceptualizan personajes. Además las tareas están muy bien hechas y hacen a tu creatividad trabajar.

by Azraf N B


A very beautifully designed course. The assignments help to raise your inner talents and the classes make you realize a lot about life not just only about character design.

by Nichakan B


It was a great idea to have a look how famous artists work or find their inspiration. The course is also designed for beginners and those who are not good at drawing!

by Alexis I I


I loved it! Watching all this great artists working and giving you advices is so useful. This course really help me to design characters in a more creative way.

by Mario S


I am amazed by the amount of progress I did through this course. I am no illustrator at all, but I managed to improve both my technical and creative skills.

by Réka M B


This course was so much fun! It opens your eyes to a more experienced future in Character designing. The variety in challenges were also quite something!

by Fong W H


Excellent course in teaching you about the design process from different designer. Helpful exercise were given to teach you how to apply the learned skill.

by Gloria B


I really loved this course! I highly recommend for those who want to learn more about character design! Thank you for share your knowledge with us!

by Juan C L R


I love all the interviews and the course in general, but a wish the course has more basic knowledge on how to be creative and create characters...

by Ben B


Love this course. It is very fun and interactive and the homework challenges your creative side and makes you think a little harder. Great course!

by Sara H


It is powerful and enlightening for those who want to go into the field of design of video games, design of characters, and simply story telling.



Great activities to develop your design skills , interesting concepts to start into Character Design, and overall a great learning experience :)

by James O


I loved the interviews! It was relaxing working on my art projects while listening to the recordings.

...but the course still needs more puppet.

by Barnabás N


Really fun course. The different artists have pretty interesting tricks and tips, which can significantly improve your character design skills.

by Kylen A J K D


I love every course it pretty much show you what imagination an artist can have with each homework feeling like an adventure of creativity.

by Carlo S C


The best course in the group, with a lot of masterclass.

That' my opinion, and I hate to draw, so this means that I loved this course a lot.

by Yusra D


The idea of hosting character designers while they are designing is AMAZING .. thanks for letting this opportunity become possible ^^

by Wallace N O


One of the best courses I've ever taken on-line. Good explanations and artist's examples, and the assignments were awesome. Thanks!

by Carlos B J


Excellent! Sorry, I didn't do any assignments, but I really enjoy the course. The words of Robertryan Cory were brilliant! Cheers.

by Edwin V C


Loved the different approaches to character design and the insight on the ideation and work processes of the different artists!

by Jane E E


It's a fun and informative course altogether. I really like the parts with interviews with artists in different industries.



Great course for those who want to learn character design and are new to it.

I learnt many things and enjoyed the course!

by Magno G B


Just love it, I learn a lot about how approach a idea, the guys in the videos are amazing, and the teather is so cute :)