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This course proposes an overview of current global health challenges drawing on the insights of several academic disciplines including medicine, public health, law, economics, social sciences and humanities. This interdisciplinary approach will guide the student into seven critical topics in global health....




This course is very challenging and prolific. It has really widen my knowledge in the Health sector and I hope to study an upgrade of it in future. Many thanks to all the course instructors.



Fun and Interesting Course! Learned a bunch of stuff I hadn't really known and put together in my mind prior to this course. Thanks to all of y'all who put this course together. Dr Quincy


Global Health: An Interdisciplinary Overview: 26 - 50 / 120 レビュー

by Aedrian A


This is an impressive and comprehensive overview of a certainly-grand topic and field. I highly recommend this course to those who want to pursue graduate studies and work in this discipline. The quizzes are quite challenging and appropriately demand your full attention to the lectures.

by Madiha


The best way to learn about the global health and all its perspectives in such a short time is to take up this course. I really enjoyed each and every lecture including all the quizzes. Thank you so much for giving us the opportunity to learn from the experts from WHO.

by Solangie T


Gran curso. Involucra todos los aspectos de forma concreta sobre Global Health. Da una idea clara de lo amplia que es esta área de estudio. Grandes profesores e invitados. Lo recomiendo a cualquiera que este interesado en saber mas sobre el sector salud a gran escala.

by Erik L


This course has opened my eyes to the difficulties of all disciplines in achieving excellent levels of global health. It is a wonder how we have achieved so much, and if everybody participated in this course and understood the issues, we could achieve so much more.

by Marvellous O O


The instructors did very good jobs in their lectures and presentations. Taking this course has helped improve my knowledge on Global health. The health sector and other sectors needs to make policies that promote health and wellbeing of the population. 

by Chukwuemeka A


I found this a very informative course. It has indeed given me a better understanding of the scope of Global Health. I recommend this course to anyone who is interested curious about global Health as this sheds light on its various ramifications

by Dr.Sushmitha B A P I N D


It was an excellent course. I thoroughly enjoyed every lecture and its very useful for my teaching work. I really updated my knowledge in the field. Only that MDGs may be replaced with SDGs so minor revision is required in these topics.

by Marcarious T


This course provided me with the opportunity to deepen my understanding of the key players in Global Health and as a junior MD student it has given me the urge to pursue further studies in Global Health and Public Health.

by Paula E


Information and presenters were great. A lot of valuable information provided. The only thing I would say about the one test every 8 hours was disappointing. Overall, I rate the course a five star.

Thank you

by Tofail A


We are grabbing and creaming to reach the goal but health is the main pillar to walkout onward. No time to think about it. This is most powerful; course to me and everyone to know more about global health...

by Renata C N


This was an outstanding course with great teachers. I really enjoyed!! Easy to follow and very interesting. I highly recommend to anyone interested in understanding the challenges of global health nowadays.

by Redvers F C


A truly magnificent course that I have been so fortunate to study for free. I would like to thank the brilliant lecturers for their superb lectures/videos that were extremely interesting and educational

by Lea L


This is a very beneficial course that taught me many interesting skills. I am so grateful to all the lecturers and all those who prepared the materials. It is a very rich course!

by Megan S


Well presented material and very interesting concepts addressed. Course guides were helpful in providing a summary of the information in the videos.

by Leyde N N d S S


Esse curso é excelente para quem está em busca de aprender mais sobre a saúde global. Tem tópicos atualizados e os professores são excelentes!

by Samyuktha R K


A wonderful course for better understanding of Global health. Slightly technical but very useful for a bigger and blurred picture learning.

by Chiara P


Its an advance course that covers important topics on how to work on a multidisciplinary platform.

by Poornima G


Good course!

A holistic view using an interdisciplinary approach to cover a major range of topics.

by Hosam M G A


The course is very good actually and it covered many disciplines intersecting with global health



This course is very effective and covering wide areas. i am so happy to become a part of it.

by Ogamba N P


This course has really broadened my mind on global health, thanks to the wonderful faculty.

by Liselotte Z


Very thorough overview of Global Health. Serves as a great introduction to the subject.

by Nway E C


This course is very interested and all the topics are informative. Thank you so much.

by Jonathan G


Good but very confusing course. It was very hard to know what its purpose was.

by Md. A I


A vast and enriched course to know about public and global health,